I Can See Kansas From Here
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I Can See Kansas From Here

Rob Caldwell, a little known reporter from WCHS gave John McCain all he could take in this video interview.  This writer has never heard of Mr. Caldwell or WCHS – but he did a masterful job of being polite while not letting McCain off the hook.

There are several important elements in this interview, but very striking is McCain’s assertion that Governaor Sarah Palin of Alaska knows about foreign policy because Alaska is the closest State to Russia.

Well knock me down.  If I walk up to the top of the hill over yonder I can see Kansas.  There is a Federal Penetentiary Leavenworth Kansas so I gues I should apply for a job as Warden – if you can see itl, it won’t bite you.

Whooee – and this guy wants to be President of the United States.  Check him out:

Thanks to the Huffington Post for the video.

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  1. Actually, the station ID is WCSH, not WCHS, which is based here in Charleston, WV. I was all excited for the local media outlet, but this station is based in Portland. Props to the reporter though.

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