Troopergate – There may be something to this
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Troopergate – There may be something to this

This writer and The Fireside Post in general have avoided the trash talk of Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin.  We have called her a UFO – meaning that we don’t recognize her on the political landscape.  Governor Palin remains a UFO because we have heard nothing from her other than prepared speeches.  The media has not been allowed to question her.

The Troopergate scandal erupted over charges that the Governor pressured and then fired he Director of Public Safety because he would not dismiss a State Trooper.  The State Trooper is Governor Palin’s ex brother-in-law.  Charges and counter charges have shot back and forth about his conduct during his nasty divorce from Palin’s sister.

The Fireside has chosen to let this go until something more concrete surfaces – the following video is the support information we needed to address the issue.  Thanks to ABC.

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