Kansas City Chiefs – Where is Clark Hunt?
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Kansas City Chiefs – Where is Clark Hunt?

There is a disaster unfolding in Kansas City, Missouri.  It is not natural.  It is hardly believable.  The Kansas City Chiefs, the proud heritage of Lamar Hunt, are proving to be a huge embarrassment for everyone in Missouri who live west of the Mississippi.  The Chiefs are the laughing stock of the sports world.

It is fortunate that their uniforms are red – they serve to disguise the red faces of embarrassed fans.  Coach Herm Edwards is dragging the Chiefs through the mud he brought with him from New York.  General Manager Carl Peterson thinks he is a football business guru – negotiating hard line contracts.  And we were told during the summer that Clark Hunt, the son of Lamar, was personally attending Chiefs management meetings.

Many of us had hope when we heard that Mr. Hunt was taking a personal interest.  But it appears that Mr. Hunt is better at managing roller coasters and cold storage than he is at understanding football.  Let’s give him a hint where to begin.  Mr. Hunt – Look at the scoreboard.  For that matter, look at any of the statistics.  If your other businesses were this dismal you would be firing someone.

We, the taxpayers, have subsidized your glamourous stadiom Mr. Hunt.  It is time that you produce a product that is worthy of our contribution to your enterprise.

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