Obama’s Rope-A-Dope Strategy
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Obama’s Rope-A-Dope Strategy

McCain swings a haymaker.  Obama ducks – suffering only a glancing blow.  McCain swings again, connecting solidly on a defensive shoulder.  Obama is against the ropes, protecting himself with energetic arms – arms raised to defend against a fatal blow.  The barage continues.

Obama dances away from the ropes.  McCain stalks, bristling for opportunity.  Then the Obama Shuffle brings the crowd to their feet.  A glaring McCain swings another wild lie.  Obama winces as the blow hits below the belt.  The lethargic referee, Mainstream Media, warns McCain to be careful.  The warning only invigorates the angry old man.

Another Obama shuffle, the partisan crowd roars.  The McCain corner cries for sympathy against the charismatic two-step of their agile opponent.  This is an all or nothing fight, the McCain career is on the line.  This is his last fight for the championship.  This is the fight to unify the Belts of the Democrats and Republicans.  One victory – one belt.  One Champion!

The blows below the belt trouble the McCain supporters.  They want to win – but they want no stain on their victory.  “Obama has his pants pulled too high,” they shout with vigor.  Meanwhile McCain’s corner gives council, “This is your last fight.  You must fight to win.”

McCain has had a noble career.  He has won many fights, and he has lost a few – but he has never lost his integrity.  He pleades with his corner, “Find a strategy that does not cost honor.”  But his corner men have mortgages and car payments – their children want to go to college – this is their last fight too.  They must win.

“Get him on the ropes again.  Then pound his defenses until he wavers.  Then knock him out.  If he raises his morals and integrity too high for a knockout, lower them with a punch to the abdomen.”

We are in the last three rounds of the Championship Fight for the Presidency – the unified belt of political boxing.  Round nine begins with Obama dancing, fleeting, bobbing and weaving.  McCain is flat footed but determined, stalking his prey – trying to force a toe-to-toe slug fest in the town hall.

McCain knows one of the three judges gives points for aggression.  Another gives points for honesty, integrity, and thoughtfullness.  But the third judge is independent – he will judge based on hits landed.  McCain wants that third judge.

But Obama  also knows the third judge.  He knows that he will have to strike, whether in defense or offense.  He waits, bides his time, hanging on the ropes.  The crown moans – fearful of a loss.  But Obama is waiting for the wild swinging of McCain to falter, to weigh on his integrity, to exhaust the patience of the referee, Mainstream Media.

Stay tuned for round nine.

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