McCain, “My Friends, trust me”
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McCain, “My Friends, trust me”

McCain wants the people to trust him.  We are nauseated every time we hear McCain use the term ‘my friends,’  he wears it out.  He suggests he is your friend – but we should all check the value of or 401k’s today.  That is the true measure of how much the Republican brand is your friend.  And John McCain, while calling himself a maverick, proudly proclaims he is in step with Republican values, including less regulation of Wall Street.

We live in an economy that is impossible for States to regulate.  Corporate moguls should be held as accountable as any ordinary street mugger.  States do not have the poser to hold these folks accountable – we are not championing big government – just reasonable protection from organized criminals masquerading as Wall Street dignitaries.

John McCain changes his position like the wind – Sarah Palin is on the stump with her prepared speeches, claiming that the McCain/Palin ticket will get off the back of business.  McCain is on the other channel saying he is going to impose more regulations on Wall Street.  Which is it?

John McCain claims to be your friend – he is a friend of organized criminals.  Check his mug shot at the top of this post.

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  1. I’m not your friend I’m not your momma and I’m voting for Obama