Wall Street Terrorizes America
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Wall Street Terrorizes America

Osama Bin Laden, who remains free, launched four planes at American’s financial and military structure on September 11, 2001.  Bush reacted and has weakened our military.  The Republicans reacted and eliminated regulations on Mortgage Banks and Investment Banks.  Then the American Terrorists took over.

The Stock Market has dropped more this week than at any time since 911.  This writer is a small investor and we have lost over $10,000 this week.  Not actually lost – we did not sell – but our portfolio had dropped by that amount.  It will take years to recover.  So what happened?

Clearly, as John McCain has said, greedy Wall Street people have ripped off the American people.  They have terrorized this country as much as Osama Bin Laden ever dreamed.

Terrorism is not a function of the military – it is a function of police.  The support of this argument is simple – terrorists are criminals.  Organized terrorists are organized criminals.  Organized Crime is best fought with organized law enforcement.

It is not a stretch to suggest that the greed which resulted in the destruction of the mortgage and investment industries is nothing less than organized crime, nothing less than organized terrorism.  Many of these folks have walked away with many hundreds of millions of dollars.  The taxpayer is stuck with the bill.

While George W. Bush has been busy with Iraq, the organized terrorists of Al Quaeda have reconstituted themselves in Afghanistan and the organized terrorists of Wall Street have streamlined their operation in our Homeland.  John McCain supported the deregulation that took the police eyes off the ball.  John McCain has direct responsibility for supporting his organized criminal corporate buddies.  John McCain is directly complicit in the terrorist attacks on Wall Street.  McCain and his Republican cronies allowed the inmates to run the prison.

There is some suggestion that Obama is too naive to be President.  It appears that the Republicans are either naive or they are complicit in the criminal theft of great wealth on Wall Street.

This disaster on Wall Street should be viewed with the same energy and tenacity that is applied to any organized terrorist attack on our country.  The financial terrorists who raided Wall Street remain free.  They are having tea with Osama Bin Laden.

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  1. Of the big 4, Biden is the dirtiest on this front. The media needs to call him out on his dismal anti-consumer, pro-bank thief record.

  2. McCain is a terrorist. Thought I’d read it all. Liberals think all this is a product of the war in Iraq and the 12 billion a month we spend there. Obama says he will pull troops out of Iraq. Oh yeah, he will just transfer them to Afghanistan. McCain is suppose to be for hurting the American middle class by leading them to debt. What about the amendment Obama voted against that would have put a cap of 30% on interest charged on an extension of credit by lenders?