McCain gets really NASTY!
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McCain gets really NASTY!

Check out his new ad.   Three black men doing bad things followed by an elderly white woman.  What a cheap and nasty campaign ad.   Let’s elect McCain and Palin, we can set Civil Rights and the Women’s movement back fifty years in one shot.  The Republican Party is the Lynching Party – bring your own rope.  I lost mine in the Stock Market.

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  1. What is so “nasty” about this ad connecting Obama to Raines? Is it because another truth about Obama’s associates is being made public? Raines could be as white as snow and the old lady could be black–doesn’t matter. Raines is a common thief. I wonder how much money he stole from innocent black people who were promised the American Dream? Weren’t Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac designed to help poor, minority citizens get into their own homes even though the powers that be (Raines, Johnson (white man, et al) knew that the people wouldn’t be able to make the payments? Quit whinning when these “truths” are revealed to you. Use your brains for crying out loud. Obama is a fascist fraud who speaks pretty words and makes you “feel” better about yourselves, especially you white people who probably at one time or another had a hint of racism in you and now you can clear your conscience. The blacks only care about welfare checks and sticking it to white people. They don’t have to think. But the rest of you need to think about your future and whether or not your children are going to have the freedom that you have enjoyed in this great country.

  2. Raines is not advising Obama and he did not get his money from the taxpayers

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