The Real McCain – The Keating Five
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The Real McCain – The Keating Five

John McCain has desperately floundered this week to adopt a meaningful policy to deal with the economy.  He changes his position two or three times every day.  As if this were not enough to violate our trust, his entire history is one of catering to exactly the sort of people who have crashed Wall Street.  Participating in corruption is not new to McCain.

McCain was the central figure of five Senators who participated in the infamous “Keating Five.”  McCain cost individual shareholders their retirement by supporting the criminal endeavors of Charles Keating.  McCain managed to wiggle out of that one – is he going to wiggle out of the current economic crisis by trying to blame Obama?

That seems to be his strategy.

Is this the man we want to trust with our Social Security, and the future of our children and grandchildren?

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