McCain/Palin – Unstable/Unable
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McCain/Palin – Unstable/Unable

This is the week that was.  John McCain could not have had a harder time.  Every day, and sometimes twice a day, McCain changed his position and philosophy on the economy.  At times he sounded like he might be in early stages of oldtimers disease.

John McCain, that once bold and brave warrior, has been reduced to a desperate, groveling, scared, shell of a real man.  He is reduced to denying his past, to lying about anyone or anything, to being mean and spiteful, down right nasty.  The maverick has swung far to the right to coddle his ‘base’, and when trouble came with the economy he ran to the left to distance himself from his own ideas.

John McCain has become unstable in his desperation.

From the moment McCain picked Sarah Palin to be his Vice Presidential Nominee her qualifications have been challenged.  The McCain camp and the Republican base have rallied around her, insisting that her two years as Governor of Alaska give her more qualifications than her opponents.  It almost worked.  You can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time – but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

The debates format has exposed the McCain Camp’s confidence in their nominee for Vice President.  The debate will be highly structured.  By their own admission Palin is an inexperienced debater and to stand toe-to-toe with Senator Biden would be unfair.

If Governor Sarah Palin cannot stand in a debate with a United States Senator, how in the world does anyone think she can stand toe-to-toe with Putin of Russia or Ohmydidhesayjihad of Iran?

The proof is in the pudding – even her supporters do not think she is ready.

Editor Note: Thanks to Michigan Momma for the title to this post – the title was mentioned in a comment on Rednecks for Obama.

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  1. Yes but the people do like Palins glasses.

  2. Well, some of the people like her glasses, some of the time, but all of the people don’t like her glasses all of the time. Yup Yup

  3. People will start asking for the Palin up-do at salons too.

    I don’t even have words for this latest development. Well, I DO, but as an intelligent woman, I won’t utter them here and give any potential ammunition to the Palin/McCain ticket.

  4. I am “hopeful” that the people of this country will NOT, for a “third” time fall for the Republican lies and tricks. Palin started to lie on Day 1 and hasn’t stopped since. McCain has sold whatever integrity he might have had to the likes of Karl Rove and Steve Schmidt. John McCain says he puts country first but has now proven this to be false, he puts getting elected first! Sara Palin and John McCain expect people to give her deference, WHY?! If she chooses to be in public life, to “say” she’s fit to be a heartbeat away from running this country, and with Mcain’s advanced age and history of cancer it is a very real possibility, then she should be able to prove that she is capable of real interviews, real hard questions and a real debate on the issues. What are they afraid of? That we might actually see her for what she really is? Another right wing fanatic with absolutely no experience in foreign policy? That she is just another corrupt politician?

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