Redneck Loan Sharks
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Redneck Loan Sharks

We was run out of the general store cause we talk too much politics.  So we is now hanging out at the Bait Shop.  It’s good cause they expect us to lie.

Bobby Joe:  Where is Hank these days, ain’t seen him around much?”

Bobby John:  He decided to start a bank.

Bobby Joe: How’d he do?

Bobby John: He wanted to be a big shot like those folks on Wall Street.  So he loaned out all his money then skipped town.

Bobby Joe: Is he comin back, cause I need a loan to buy a house.

Bobby John:  But you ain’t got no job and you ain’t got no money.

Bobby Joe:  Ain’t that why they have banks?  If I had money I would not need a bank.

Bobby John: I see what you mean. But if you had a house the Hospital would take it to pay your bill.

Bobby Joe: That’s why I want the house, I need some collatral.

Bobby John:  What is collatral?

Bobby Joe: That is what you use when you aint got no money.

Bobby John:  Where do you get some of that collatral?

Bobby Joe:  You have to buy it.

Bobby John: But you aint got no money.

Bobby Joe: That is why they have banks.  That is how come I is voting for the white guy.  He likes banks.

Bobby John: You mean the colored fella don’t like banks?

Bobby Joe:  He likes em all right. But he thinks the banks ougth to have regulators.

Bobby John: My Pa got in to some trouble with them regulators.  They shut down his still.

Bobby Joe:  Yeah. But didn’t cousin Mary Joe get sick on some of your Pa’s moonshine?

Bobby John:  Yeah, and it was on our weddin night too.

Bobby Joe: If Hank aint coming back, maybe I just have to get me a lottry ticket.

Bobby John: Tammie Fae won the lottry, so she got a new car.

Bobby Joe: But Tammy Fae caint drive since she got that ticket for drinking your pappy’s moonshine.  What she gonna do with a car?

Bobby John:  She gonna use it for collatral.

Bobby Joe:  Hey, let’s go fishin.

Bobby John:  Maybe we could catch Hank, just before he left town he said he was a loan shark.

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