America has lost Economic Authority
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America has lost Economic Authority

The past century saw American dominance in the world foreign policy and Economic Markets.  Pearl Harbor awakened a ‘sleeping giant.’  The rise of Communism in the Far East and the spread of Socialism in Europe and other geographic areas saw an advancing economic influence of free market capitalism.  In the span of eight short years America has lost authority in foreign policy and disastrously in economic influence.  And sadly, America has also lost moral authority in social justice.

While other countries regulated their markets, carefully managing their assets, America let go of the free market reigns.  The wild horse of Wall Street has collapsed in the final stretch with two broken legs and a broken spirit.

The Communit totalitarian Soviet Union collapsed without a shot being fired.  They collapsed under the weight of poor economic management.  They could no longer afford to maintain an expensive global military presence.  Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II are often given credit for defeating the Soviets – but the Soviets defeated themselves.

Today America maintains an expensive world military dominance – not just presence – but total dominance.  America has taken on the role of the police of the world, no matter the economic cost.  The Iraq War, shich has not produced results in diminishing Al Quaeda or terrorism, costs 10 – 12 Billion dollars a month, while the Iraqi government has pocketed an 80 billion dollar surplus.

American government unleashed the well documented greed of self serving business by eliminating or ignoring regulations.  The Bush Administration held themselvs up as the moral leadership in Economics.  Free your markets and proper like America – the Mantra of the shallow Republicans.

The collapse of Wall Street has discredited any hope we had of influencing the economies of other countries.  Why should anyone listen to the business advice of America?

Other countries are learning how to prosper economically while advancing green priorities.  The McCain Bush philosophy has been one of total arrogance – We are America – We do what we want – Look at us – we are the most Economically stable country in history.

While sending American jobs overseas, mostly to India and China, the Republicans claimed that the free market would corret itself.  The foolishness of these folks is astounding, to the point of being shallow and naive.

Tariffs have been used for two hundred years to level the playing field – to create a truly ‘free market.’  It is not a free market when foreign governments subsidize commodities, such as steel in the 1970’s and 1980’s, collapsing the American Steel Market.  How many jobs were lost in the steel industry because of the naive idea that American workers could compete with anyone – American workers are among the best in the world – but they did not have a level playing field.

Only Big American Corporations have benefited from the naive and shallow idea that a false free market is good for America.

Tariffs should be applied to level the competition with foreign countries.  Regulations should be applied to monitor corporate thieves.

But the damage is done.  America can no longer claim righteous indignation at the economic troubles of other countries.

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