Subliminal Bush
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Subliminal Bush

In a previous post here on The Fireside, we mentioned the press conference with the President where he discussed WWIII in the context of Iran. I thought it might be beneficial to see the clip for ourselves:

“I take the threat of Iran with a nuclear weapon very seriously.” I guess that would account for the chuckling during the part where he talked about WWIII.  What was so funny? I was sure that we were missing the joke, so I decided to do some investigating to find out what was so funny. What I found is astonishing. I thought that Dick Cheney was the one with the puppet strings, but I may have been wrong. I slowed the video down to see if I could find any hidden agenda, and, wouldn’t you know it…

Now, I was sure that I saw something, but those guys are pretty slick, so I decided to go just a bit slower to really get the message…

Holy cow. Isn’t that Pat Robertson? I think that the people need to know that this is going on.I suppose its up to us now.

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  1. Bush, like all yellow elephant chickenhawks who never have to fight in them, think war is AWESOME. They’ve been looking for an excuse to use the term WWIII since we invaded Iraq because, you see, World War III is going to be the COOLEST THING EVAR!

    Also, good detective work on those subliminal messages. You’ve solved it.

  2. wait – I just noticed that the slow bush sounds more like Fred Thompson. Maybe he should slow it down a bit and talk deeper. Then again, Fred’s not turning out to be all that impressive either.

    thanks superspy, nice “yellow elephant chickenhawks” imagery.

  3. Wha…?! “… Fred’s not turning out to be all that impressive.” Gee, y’think?
    I mean crimeny, sorry to be such a jerk about it, but “turning out”? As if anyone paying the least attention, needed to wait and see how he was going to “turn out’.

  4. well, I liked him on Law and Order…

  5. Thompson is an actor for crissake, and not a very good one at that. Even Nixon thought he was number than a stump. The last thing we need is another actor in the white house, the prior one started this mess.

  6. If Bush talked any faster he could really mess up the english language

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