McCain’s Problematic Use of ‘Naive’
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McCain’s Problematic Use of ‘Naive’

John McCain likes to refer to Barack Obama as being naive, always in the context of foreign policy.  McCain says Obama is naive about Iraq, about Russia, about terrorists.  But McCain should be careful with this word.  John McCain has championed deregulation for rich bankers and Big Oil – with the belief that these folks will be honorable and not abuse their freedom from oversight.  Is McCain naive?

McCain is proud to the point of bragging about himself as a ‘de-regulator.’  McCain loves to compare himself to Ronald Reagan – ‘Government is not the solution, government is the problem.’  McCain has been in congress fro twenty-six years, championing the deregulation of business.

What is painfully obvious to everyone today is that this ideology of deregulation has been nothing short of ‘naive.’  McCain’s naive understanding of business brought about the terrorist attacks this past year on Wall Street.  We taxpayers are left with the bill.

Is McCain so naive that he believes we can sustain a dominant military with an economy in shambles?  Where does McCain think the money comes from to support the military?  Does he think we can just print more money over at the Treasury and buy more planes and ships and guns?  Oops – that is exactly what is being proposed in Washington this week to bail out the bankers that McCain trusted.

The enigma of McCain’s logic is of deep concern to this writer.  We are troubled that McCain would so forcefully accuse others of being naive in the midst of the current Wall Street crisis.

Does McCain believe that the American people are so naive as to believe he understands his culpability in the present crisis?

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