Was McCain Right About Iraq?
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Was McCain Right About Iraq?

John McCain has been wrong on social justice, on business regulations, and on tax breaks for Big Oil.  But probably the most egregious error has been on foreign policy, on military action, and most specifically on Iraq.  It could be more tolerable if McCain had not taken his eye off the prize – the capture or death of Bin Laden.

John McCain was a big supporter of the Iraq War – a war with a country that had nothing to do with knocking down buildings in New York.  But McCain perpetrated the lie.  McCain supported the conflict.  McCain said the war would not be difficult.  McCain said we would find massive amounts of Weapons of Mass Destruction.  McCain said America would be welcomed as liberators.  McCain said the Iraqi people were not divided into violent factions.  McCain said that Iraqi oil would pay for the war.  McCain said that Iraqi oil money would be used to rebuild the country.

What we have is over 4,000 of America’s best citizens killed in the line of duty, no weapons of mass destruction, 10 – 12 Billion dollars a month to a country that has 80 Billion in the Bank, a strengthened and emboldened Al Quaeda, turmoil in Afghanistan, turmoil in Pakistan, and a deep sense of anger toward a brash and arrogant America by the foreign populations.


Here is the terrorist’s picture again – in case McCain or others have forgotten what the military mission was.

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  1. I have tried to keep an open mind on this blog. I have supported some of the issues of Obama such as regulation of businesses, if a person is able bodied they should work. But with the constant McCain bashing the writer has established, it is hard to have a bipartisan view. The author is nothing more than a Michael Moore or Ann Coulter. Extremist. I have joked that the author should read Ann Coulter but only because he is so extreme, the opposite might bring him more center. The fireside post is suppose to be a cultural conversation with the claim that the authors or neither conservative or liberal, but that is an in your face lie. This is a conservative hating website. Hate is a harsh word but fits this blog. This is, for me, written in a melancholy state. I always would rather read this blog than the local newspaper, because I seek a non biased view, but now that has gone astray. McCain is the liar?