Pelosi Blew This Deal
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Pelosi Blew This Deal

This is a big deal!  America’s financial stability rests on the ability of Congress to put a bi-partisan package together.  This package needed to cover necessary principles of protection for taxpayers.  These principles were not partisan – they could have reached an agreement

But House Speaker Pelosi had to get in front of the cameras and make a partisan speech – degrading the Republicans and championing the Democrats.

This was totally foolish.  She sent a message all right – the message is that she is a partisan buffoon who is unable to legislate – because legislation requires compromise and a willingness to act like an Adult. Right or not – Pelosi’s comments were ill advised.

2:20 PM CST: There are news conferences all afternoon by Democrats and Republicans – they are all pointing fingers – all blaming the other guy.  What fools.  I only regret that I have but one vote for a Congressman to give to my country.

We all know that we are  not supposed to shake babies – but does that rule apply to people in Congress?

3:30 PM CST:  Speaker Pelosi should apologize to the Republicans for bringing partisan politics into the debate.  This is not about pride – it is about the future of our country.

3:31 PM CST:  John McCain should keep his self-interested mouth shut.

3:31 PM CST:  It is time for America to elect grown ups to Congress and the White House.

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  1. Nobody wants to take credit for passing this type of bill. But who could blame them?
    Democratic leaders insisted that McCain involved to win over the House Republicans. McCain goes to Washington, while the MSM (which favors democrats) calls this all a PR stunt and he really doesn’t care about the country. Then this with Pelosi.
    If I were a conspiracy theorist, I’d say this is a sleight of hand game the Dems are playing to get the vote.

  2. Pelosi should resign as a Leader of the House of Representatives. She can’t lead and 93 Democrat Congressmen voted NAY. She is a traitor to this country and should resign in disgrace. Citizen’s of San Francisco, WAKE UP. DO NOT SEND THIS WOMAN BACK TO CONGRESS. SEND HER HOME FOR GOOD.

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