Kansas City Italian Meatballs
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Kansas City Italian Meatballs

This writer has a friend in the Kansas City Mafia. We have been invited to Thanksgiving Dinner. They are having an ‘Italian Thanksgiving.’ All of the food will be traditional Italian – she won’t give away the family secrets, but she did talk some about their food. She told us to be careful because she doesn’t think she would like the witness protection program. Family secrets are sacred, some dating back to Sicily. Anyway she talked in general terms about their meatballs – but that fits our style of writing recipes.

Italian Meatballs:

Hamburger, at least 80% lean. (we use about two pounds).

Bread Crumbs, store bought or make your own.

Romano Cheese – grated.

Garlic – minced.





Salt and Pepper.

We are intentionally ambiguous on quantities because recipes are very personal. Recipes require the judgment of the Chef – they know their audience and must accommodate the palate of their favored customers.

Anyway – mix the ingredients together in a large mixing bowl – again, we like stainless steel. The eggs will help hold the mix together. Using delicate trigger fingers, mold the meatballs into golf ball sized lumps. Fry over medium heat, turning occasionally, until the hamburger is cooked.

Another means of browning the meatballs is by baking in a cake pan – 350 F for thirty minutes.

Momma Mia – there you have it – Italian Meatballs.

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