McCain Palin, Visibility Without Exposure
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McCain Palin, Visibility Without Exposure

What a sad predicament our free press finds itself in – it has to deal with John McCain.  McCain refuses to take reporters questions and shields his running mate from scrutiny.  Sarah Palin has met with foreign leaders in New York – but McCain’s camp did not allow reporters to participate, other than with video cameras.

They want the videos of Governor Palin with the foreign leaders for campaign propaganda – but they do not want to be exposed.  In this case they are afraid of what the candidates might say – this Campaign Camp has been burned before, only to reply, “John McCain does not speak for the Campaign.”

McCain’s campaign likes to say “Straight Talk Express.”  But they have become the “No Talk Express.” It is trick of life, how to gain visibility without being exposed. This is the main strategy of used car salesmen.

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