Rednecks For Palin, Wasilla, AA
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Rednecks For Palin, Wasilla, AA

“How come we don’t got two names like my cousins in Punkin Center, Missouri?” Jed was pondering out loud.

“Cause down in Missouri they all gots the same first name, they gots to have two names so’s they can tell each other apart,” responded Jeb.

“Well how come my cousins down in Punkin Center is gonna vote for that Obama fella?” Jed scratched as he spoke.

Jeb just rolled his eyes and smiled, “Cause they is related to him, I suppose.”

Jed frowned at this, “But I is related to them too.  Do that make me his cousin?”

Jeb grinned with both teeth, “Depends, is they cousins on yo moma’s side or your daddy’s side?”

Jed nodded in agreement, “I sees what you means.  But I got some of bofe in Punkin Center.”

This puzzeled Jeb a little too much, so he just changed the subject, “Anyways, we is voting for The Govnor.  She is a good old boy.”

Jed was quick to add, “She aint like the big city folks, she dont read all them newspapers and all, she thinks for herself.?

“That is just right about her,” Jeb was raising his voice, “They caint think if no one tells’em what to think about.”

“And that one news fella came up here and axed her if she knowed the President’s Doctor.  How was she supposed to know something like that there?” Jed knocked the residue out of his meth pipe.

“Yeah,” Jeb added, “She shure showed him.  She just said the thinks the President will be just fine after he takes his medicine.  He don’t need no doctor.”

Jeb was getting riled up, “And that woman who thinks she is a reporter axed about why we is afraid of the Russians.  Hells bells, we aint afraid of no Russians.”

“Truth be known,” Jed added, “The Russians is afraid of us.”

Jeb seemed surprised, “Why do you think that, Jed?”

Jed stood up and looked out the door, “You ever see no Russians anywhere around here?”

Jeb only thought abut that for a minute, “Nope, aint never seen no Russians.”

“That’s what I mean.” Jed went on, “Right there is the proof, they don’t come over cause they is scared.  We protect the Americans and the Canadians all at one time.”

Jeb thought again, “I guess you is right.  We better vote for the Govnor.”

Jed added, “And you know what they wants her to do now.  They wants her to de-bait.”

Jeb looked surprised, “How come, caint they catch no fish?”

“Say Jeb,” Jed wondered, “How come they put AA after Wasilla on the big maps.”

“Don’t know, maybe they figure we need it.”

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  1. This isn’t funny or witty, it’s just offensive. I’m a Democratic voter who grew up in a small town. I have no love for Sarah Palin, but I don’t think it’s necessary to be condescending to people who live in small town rural America.

  2. Hey Mark – read the following story on Missouri Rednecks. ( linked to at the end of the post)

    Rednecks are not dumb – but rednecks who fall for the McCain/Palin line are questionable.

    Rednecks are people who are not particularly educated or sophisticated – but they have fundamental common sense. That is an important quality in this crazy world.