Conservatives of 2008 – Raping and Pillaging
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Conservatives of 2008 – Raping and Pillaging

Something is way out of whack in the logic of the Conservatives of 2008. The logic is guilt or honor by association. The logic goes something like this: “I believe in Jesus and I believe we should drill for more oil in our backyard.” Thus given that Jesus is a solid belief it follows that drilling for oil in our backyard is a solid belief.

Or this, Ronald Reagan was a great President – Michael Reagan is President Reagan’s son, So Michael Reagan must be great.  Michael Reagan says, “Drill baby drill” so it follows that we should drill.  This is mindless logic – and this logic has led to the failure of the Republican Party and the failure of government.

The Republican Party of the past eight years has used a few honorable belief systems to justify a myriad of insane proposals.

Teddy Roosevelt was a conservative – that meant to him that we should be frugal with our resources. Roosevelt was not a Preservationist – he recognized the opportunities afforded him would be lost on future generations if man did not properly manage resources. He did not restrain humanity to protect snail darters in a creek in Tennessee, but rather recognized the need for balanced eco systems.  The conservatives of 2008 are unable to distinguish the practical nature of preservation.

There was a time when conservative banks would only loan money to those who already had money. That is a little overstated but the point is that conservative bankers protected their resources. Conservative bankers did not engage in predatory lending because they recognized that unregulated lending practices were not good for them or their customers.

There was a time when conservatives protected the environment – because that protection followed their basic belief that we should be frugal and manage assets with care. Conservatives believed in protecting business because good business practice was generally good for the country.  Roosevelt recognized the need for good business – not just any business.

There was a time when conservatives were in favor of tariffs because the tariffs served to protect American business and American employees from cheap and low-quality products from ruthless foreign business. Tariffs were used to generate money for the government for sure – but the tariffs were calculated to create a level playing field for business.  Tariffs were a compliment to Free Trade.

Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican who believed in States Rights. But the Roosevelt Presidency, at the dawn of the 20th Century, recognized that States could not regulate industry that spawned the continent. Roosevelt recognized that government should stay out of the regulation of Mom and Pop small businesses – let their respective States manage local economies. Again, Roosevelt recognized that Mom and Pop could not smelt the steel needed for modern industry. The nature of industry swamped the individual State’s ability to protect themselves.

The ideal of small government, of localized control, has many promising and alluring possibilities. When Bush implemented the “No Child Left Behind” education reform the Federal Government imposed values – but did not offer any money to put the values into practice. This created great burdens on local school systems.

Perhaps the most boggling twist of conservative logic is the idea that our Federal Government should invade foreign countries, dictate the process of forming their new government, and borrowing the money to tackle the project. Old fashioned conservatives did not want the Federal Government interfering in our own State Governments – so how can it follow that we should stick our military noses into the affairs of other countries?

Conservatives of 2008 believe that Government should stay out of the lives of individuals, unless the individual is homosexual, or Islamic, or immigrant, or female. My conservative ideal about faith is that I will respect your faith – but you must also respect my choice of faith.

We call our self a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. That means that we believe we should help our fellow man as long as the balance in our bank account is black. We will not borrow money to pay off your debt. If your debt is a result of your own life choices then any help we offer will come with strings attached. The Conservative Businesses of 2008 want tax breaks and corporate welfare with no strings attached.

One could easily argue that some very clever folks abused the evangelical right wing to get elected – but had no intention of doing anything about abortion or school prayer.  One could argue that these folks who led the Republican Party have acted like cheap carnival barkers, luring the evangelicals into the tent so they could take their money.

These folks are clever – but they are not smart.  And they are not patriotic.  The conservatives have been whipped into a frenzy by talk radio carnival barkers.  Frenzied to rape and pillage modern business and the very planet they depend on.

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  1. “Conservatives of 2008 believe that Government should stay out of the lives of individuals, unless the individual is homosexual, or Islamic, or immigrant, or female.”

    This, sir, is a ridiculous statement, and offensive. This is like saying all whites are racist.

  2. The wacko conservatives have characterized all liberals as being of an evil religion. My point is made in the post – the honor of real conservatives is not disgraced by me – it is disgraced by the conservatives that have been in power the past eight years. Even John McCain says “we went to Washington to change Washington, and Washington changed us.” We happen to agree with him.

  3. Teddy Roosevelt would be extremely offended if someone suggested that we should drill for oil in his national parks.

  4. Before any one today brags that they are conservative they should look around at who they are associating themselves with. We are embarrassed by the fanatical left wing and the fanatical right wing. Is there no sanity –

  5. There was sanity, he was called Woodrow Wilson. As I had posted before in another article, it is radical conservatives, right-wing or whatever we call them, that have tarnished the party affiliation. This does apply to the blue or red.

  6. There are folks who vote based on party affiliation only. I heard a guy say “Republicans are for the rich people and Democrats for the poor” and that is how that person bases their vote. That is such an asinine logic to take to the booths. I have been told I come across as extreme right wing, but I voted for Clinton in his 2nd term.

  7. OK – Since we are confessing. This writer voted for Richard Nixon – and then he quit. We are all flustered at the limits of our choices. – Good dialogue, it gives me some ideas. Here is what we are thinking – What is the real difference between THINKING LIBERALS and THINKING CONSERVATIVES. Put the fanatical left and right aside – what are the real differences?

  8. I do not really understand your question. Here is how I will try to answer. To put it to an issue, we will use low income. Liberals and Conservatives both want to help those folks. But the Liberal would try to build up the welfare system and other supporting programs. Then tax us to get the funds for those programs. The Conservative would like to help them help themselves, by limiting handouts cutting programs. Thus, saving money and forcing those would be dead-beats to find employment. Now I am not calling all recipients of welfare lazy. Just making a point.

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