Vice Presidents – how do we measure
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Vice Presidents – how do we measure

There is a big hoopla about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as the Republican Vice Presidential nominee.  Why don’t we measure Governor Palin against past Vice Presidents?  Let’s take a look at the last seven.

Dick Cheney

Al Gore

Dan Quayle

George H. W. Bush

Walter Mondale

Gerald Ford

Nelson Rockefeller

Rank these people in terms of competency, readiness to be President, experience – you name the criteria – then rank Governor Palin with these folks in mind.

How does she do?

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  1. Ah, Al Gore,Mr. Green Peace. Now how often did Former President Clinton meet with him when he chose Gore as his VP. Speaking of Mr. Green Peace, why does his TN mansion use 20 times the amount natural gas than the average American home? Compared to President Bush whose ranch is very eco-friendly. (Ref. frome

  2. funny, the post stated to actually RANK the vp’s. i think instead, you thought this was ‘provide sarah palin cover’ time in the comments?

    so what about al gore? hes not running for office. sarah palin IS. and, to his credit, he was a much better VP than she ever could hope to be.

  3. Gerald Ford’s BIG mistake , upon ascending to the office of the President, was the pardon of Richard Nixon. Gerald Ford’s GREATEST moment, however, was his pardon of Nixon – because Ford understood that his very first act of office was to lead this nation, and the only way that could be done was to finish, however unsatisfactorily, that whole unsavory business of tainted politics. Oh sure, Ford fumbled and stumbled and tumbled during his tenure as VP and President, but one thing anyone who has studied the Presidency of the US will say – Ford really did work for ALL Americans. As for Sarah and her Joe 6-pack persona – frankly, I DON’T want a President or a VP with whom I’d like to have beer , or hang out at a NASCAR track, or even chit-chat at a party. I DO want an elected official who will never forget that they serve at the pleasure of the people.

  4. Without having a long winded essay, which I do not have the time to write. Here is how I rank each VP with Palin in hypothetically.
    1. Bush (went against “no new taxes” but according to research Congress had more to do with that)
    2. Cheney (though I’m not a fan, knew to pull out of middle east after driving Iraqi forces out of Kuwait)
    3. Gore (also not a fan, but ranked on the facts, tenure and competence)
    4. Rockefeller (thoroughly enjoyed researching)
    5. Mondale (showed what VP’s can really do, unfortunately was under Carter)
    6. Ford (good intentions but questionable ethics)
    7. Palin (short record but when adjusted, has done more in less time, is not totally partisan on issues)
    8. Quayle (decent record, but kind of a jester)

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