The Tragedy of Sarah Palin
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The Tragedy of Sarah Palin

The McCain Campaign is absolutely ruthless.  These folks will use and abuse anyone necessary for a win at the polls.  Caught up in this disaster of morality is Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska.  Palin has to own some of the choices she makes – but the allure of power has distorted her powers of reason.  The election will come and go – and Palin will have to live with herself.  That day will be November 5, 2008

Palin’s credentials did not support McCain’s decision – so why did he choose her?  Most people quickly get this – McCain wanted to shake up his faltering campaign.  Choose a woman, a Governor, someone who’s lack of experience could be interpreted as being a reformer.  McCain knew he could spin the wheel and keep the media off balance.

But here it is for this writer – McCain is using and abusing Palin.  McCain uses Palin as a prop, a pretty face and a Joe six pack personality.  Sarah Palin is not a part of the inner campaign circle.  She is an accessory designed to gain appeal with particular demographics.  Palin chooses to walk in the mud with the low flying campaign. And what happens when they lose?

On November 5, 2008, the McCain camp will be gone from Alaska.  Sarah Palin will be dumped like a used pumpkin from Halloween.  She will go home to Alaska, where she will temporarily be greeted as a heroine (spelling correction).  Then the reality will sink in – her life, her family, will have been completely exposed.  Palin’s dignity will have been stripped from her.  No one will ever really trust her again – they know now that she will stoop to vicious lies and distortions.

Barack Obama’s Presidency will soar to heights of glory on the wings of hope and change.  Palin’s lies about this man will live on.  Palin’s distortions will haunt her.  And there will be no McCain Camp around to shelter her.  She will be left to her own devices.

Dan Quayle came from a rich newspaper family – his inheritance sheltered his disastrous public life from the country club golf course.  Palin will not have that advantage.  Over time her star power will fade.  Memories of her atrocities will remain.  She will call McCain for support on Alaskan earmarks, only to be told he is busy – and do not ever call here again.   She will try to enter the national political arena – and they will not return her calls.

She will be alone.  And her former supporters will be forever suspicious of her quest for power.  She will live, but her fifteen minutes will have tainted her life.  She chose to walk in the mud with McCain, and she will forever be defined by that moment when she sold her soul.

This writer does not want to believe that Joe Six Pack from Alaska is as mean spirited as is being represented by Governor Sarah Palin.

What great sadness modern politics brings into the lives of Joe Six Pack.

October 10, 2008 7:30 PM CST:  The news reports are stunning.  The commission studying Governor Sarah Palin in Alaska reports that the Governor abused he power as Governor in the firing of the Public Service Commissioner.  The Commission reports the Governor was procedurally correct.

see: McCain’s World View, Power and Control

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  1. Karl Rove , selected Sarah Palin to be McCain VP nominee ,
    As his stay out of jail card.
    Rove found out Palin worked as a Prostitute , in Hawaii , when she claimed she was going to College.
    ( 6 Colleges in 5 years.)
    If elected -Rove has the Blackmail document in his safe corrupt hands.

  2. A very fresh take and I tend to agree, although the conservative base will always try to recycle its disciples. Quayle, however, didn’t compromise himself and do more than expose his having slept through English and hstory classes in prep school. Her willingness to lie about Obama–continuing the lie about taxing the “folks earning $40,000 a year for gosh sakes,” or the Ayers thing–give me a break! She’s just MacSame’s Rottwiler now. Yes, in that rgard, it is truly sad.

  3. She will go home to Alaska, where she will temporarily be greeted as a heroin. Then the reality will sink in – her life, her family, will have been completely exposed.

    Interesting use of the word heroin. Normally a female hero is called a heroine. The term you spelled is the drug heroin. However in the context of the next sentence, it seems appropriate. 🙂

  4. Surely “America’s foremost expert on energy” will find a job in the private sector?

    I hear BP is looking for an Administrative Assistant in Fairbanks.

  5. First of all, to health Angel: Unless you can provide substantive proof that she was a prostitute in Hawaii, you are a despicable human being and a bad American. It makes me sad that people like you get to vote.

    As far as her going back to Alaska and no one ever trusting her again is BS…no matter what happens in the Presidential campaign, it still doesn’t change the fact that she had an 80% approval rating (including 75% of Dems), higher than any Gov of ANY state. Those type of people tend to get re-elected.

    As far as the lies that she is spreading about His Holiness, Obama, what are they exactly?? That he consorts with known terrorists (Ayers)? Or that he has agreed to meet, unconditionally with national leaders that hate us (Ahma-I’m a dipshit, Chavez, Castro, etc)?? How about him being in favor of late term abortions, partial birth abortions, and allowing the kids that survive abortions to die right there in the operating room?? How about the fact that he received campaign contributions from Fannie/Freddie and from foreign sources?? How about the fact that he won’t release any records of any kind?? What about the draconian truth squads in Missouri and South Carolina or his acceptance (and probably complicity) of voter fraud in Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, and God knows where else? Which of these, EXACTLY, are lies…if any of them are, please provide documentation!!

    Believe me, I can go on and on. Jimmy Dumb-Shit Carter was the worst president in our history. Obama is the worst candidate in history and if he gets in as Pres, he will make the Carter administration look like the Reagan administration. Wake up people…this man is not worthy of delivering my mail, much less delivering a state-of-the-union address!

  6. She can only blame herself. I think that her ego got the better of her. – the dirt, scandals, incompetence, palinisms, lies and deceptions of Sarah Palin! – social news for the Barack Obama nation

  7. CaptKiddTX:

    Unless you can provide proof of voter fraud you are a despicable human being and don’t deserve to call yourself an American. It makes me angry people like you get the right to vote.

    Yes Obama will meet with foreign leaders – even one’s who don’t agree with us. That’s what diplomacy is all about, not meeting just with the people you agree with. As far as campaign contributions from Fannie/Freddie – McCain’s campaign manager was payed out of Freddie funds till just a month ago. Do your reading child.

    Bush will go down in history as the worst president ever, bar none (unless, of course, McCain manages to steal the election like Bush.) Bush’s approval ratings are lower than Carter’s ever were and Bush’s VP has ratings in the single digits. Even repugs won’t speak to him.

    As for Palin – in my Christian faith we don’t spread lies and rumors about people, even to win elections. I guess she believes in a different Christ.

  8. @peaceintruth
    Silly liberal, they are all lies in a round about way. He voted for this, they voted for that, it’s all inconsequential when looking for the truth. It’s ok, I use to believe everything I heard on TV as well. I could run for office and could be said to have voted against mandating 5 point harnesses in car seats instead of the common three, which in a mud raking ad would make me appear to not car about child safety. However suppose the same bill said we will increase property tax on the middle class by 20% to pay for the mandate. Am I still the bad guy?

  9. Peaceintruth:

    Just look it up. They are bussing in bums from all over the city…people with no permanent residence. The Sec of State for Ohio is allowing voters to register and vote on the same day (a direct violoation of voter laws) and will now allow observers in to make sure that people aren’t being allowed to vote more than once, to make sure felons aren’t getting a vote, while at the same time trying to get absentee ballots sent by Republicans thrown out…thank God the Ohio Supreme Court overturned that and hopefully they will order that all votes cast on the register/vote on same day will be thrown out and people have to abide by the laws of the state.

    In Virginia, there is evidence of people registering minors, dead men, and felons. There was one lady that called in to inform the voting officials that she had received her son’s voter registration card…he is 14 years old.

    Now your turn…what proof do you have that Palin is lying about Obama…just because the liberal MSM won’t cover it, doesn’t mean that its a lie for someone else to say it…WAKE UP!!

    As far as diplomacy goes, McCain has said that negotiations and talks with those foreign leaders should start at the State Dept level. The POTUS meeting with them would only serve to validate their crazy notions.

    Approval ratings: This DEMOCRATIC congress has the lowest approval rating in the history of approval ratings for government and after this bailout passed, they better be glad that approval ratings can’t show negative numbers because they would.

    If you are really a Christian, why not pattern yourself after Jesus instead of bowing to a false messiah. Jesus was a great teacher and seeker of the truth. You need to seek out the truth, if you did, I think it would change your vote. However like most liberals you are either too lazy, ignorant or stubborn to do that and therefore you want to hand the presidency to a man who wants to and will destroy this nation.

  10. Neocons:

    There is no greater voter fraud then that of George W Bush. They actually stole the election if you don’t remember. Don’t act like your party hasn’t done wrong in this area. I guess it’s that “if I yell louder than the left, I’ll be right” sort of thing? Wrong. The GOP way of arguing your points is quickly fading. You’ve been found out.

  11. What is so disturbing to me about the rallies Palin and McCain are holding is the hatred and fear generated in the crowds. Crowd mentality, when stirred up by polical leaders, leads to serious actions. I fear the ugliness I see. I wish they would stop before someone loses it. In two separate videos yesterday you could hear one person scream out “terrorist” in response to McCain’s question of who is Obama and “kill him” in response to something Palin said. Are we really that sick in our culture? Perhaps so but there has to be a heavy price to pay for that and I believe McCain will be the one to pay. Things are just too serious and too dark right now. I happen to believe that if this nation is to survive and thrive again, the good has to prevail. I’m not suggesting that Obama/Biden are without faults but they do seem to represent a more calm approach to governing. The media has a real responsibility here to help prevent this anger mongering and hatred from getting any further out of control. The media must speak out against it now, before it is too late. We live in dangerous times.

  12. Who the f*** has the right to say anyone hasn’t the right to vote in a f***ing democracy?

    By the by, turns of phrase, like WAKE UP, THE TRUTH, or basically any throw away redundancy in caps lock automatically informs me both of your station and education.

    Why do poor people continue to vote for right handed politicians? It is against your self interest as a marginalized individual to vote for someone based on their religious affiliation alone. Honestly, if I had a limited education, bank account and health care, why would I vote for someone whose main aim was to slap away any helping hand?

    I am sort of ashamed to be a humanist right now. Christians should be voting for a peaceful person, a loving and caring and intelligent individual, like their messiah Jesus Christ, Lord and Saviour. They would know how he responded to the church mingling with the state, the gambling of sins for luxury. Do people forget so easily how he over turned tables in rage? This is the only account of him ever loosing patience.

    Theocracy, even when viewed by the person holding it, is all consuming and evil. Do not shit where you eat. Piss in the well. Use turns of phrase to communicate substantial thoughts. Politics is a disgusting, horrible venture and the church should stay out of it, lest it bloody it’s hands further.

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