Obama and the Christian Right
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Obama and the Christian Right

The conservative media and christian right refers to “The Liberal Blogosphere” and the “Liberal Media” and the “Liberal Internet.”  We looked around the internet and found these clips attacking Obama.  According to these folks Obama is anti-christian, the anti-Christ, a Muslim, and anything else they can think of.

This writer believes the Bible is not threatened by interpretation.  Christians are not threatened by thinking people.  But Christians and this great country of the United States are threatened by ignorance, by insistence on servitude to fundamentalist theology, by disavowing science, and by superstition masquerading as religion.  And finally, by distortion such as are found on the internet.

In any case – here are some examples of how Obama is being portrayed on the internet (Warning – some of these are very disturbing – there really are people out there who live in this world of superstition:

This video is very scary:

But the following video has to be the most dangerous piece of editing ever concocted:


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