McCain-An American Patriot
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McCain-An American Patriot

There is a lot of talk about Senator McCain being nothing more than a bitter, nasty, war mongering, blood thirsty, terrorist of a man. Oh and he is a POW. My friends, have you forgotten how angry America was when the towers were bombed? Maybe those directly affected remember, but not the general public.

People say they have not forgotten, but the reality is they would like to. There was probably more concern about the stock market than those Americans who lost their lives that day. There are the few who are reminded daily (e.g. POW’s), for others it becomes a burden to have to put out their flag on that day or an enterprise to those wishing to make a buck from such despicable atrocities. Proof of support is in the numbers.

Polls taken from all major media outlets show a common approval rating of 35% for the war in Iraq in 2008, down from 75% in 2003. And 2003 was a banner year for military enlistments. Americans all over this great nation were giving everything they could for support of our actions in Iraq. Now that the thirst for revenge has died the public majority could care less. It is easy for the Obama nation to sit in their easy chair, munching on chips, and scream “foul.” Why do they so vehemently yell, because wars cost money?


My Friends this is not a revelation, wars are expensive. Democrats whine about how much the war is costing us, but the figures are not as staggering as you may think. The cost of WW2 was 288 billion (1940’s dollars) over the period of 11 years from 1940-1952, the equivalency is 5 trillion dollars today. The Iraq war has cost 587 billion from Jan. 2003- Sept. 2008. Even POW’s know this.

After the Democrats finish their potato chips and throw away their tissues, they decide to protest the war. And how do they do that, with violence of course. They throw bricks through windows, lie in the street with red paint on their bodies and scream “baby killer”, not having the slightest notion of what goes on in the war except what the pundits report. And those pundits never report about the infrastructure that is being built, the schools that are open, the power plants back in production and the list goes on. No, they report about the killing of an innocent civilian caught in a house sweep. Do we know for sure they were innocent with the guerilla war tactics being used by the insurgents?

My friends, some of you have no idea of the pressures and responsibilities bestowed on the young men and women in our military. We have 20 year olds leading fire teams into hostile territories and making command decisions. Back here at home we would barely give the responsibility of cooking fast food fries to the same person of that age. POW’s know this. John McCain knows this (maybe it’s because he was a POW).

John McCain knows the hardships of war, it’s no secret. It is sickening to hear the jeers towards a man who helped preserve the blanket of freedom they sleep under. Folks say “we are so sick and tired of hearing about John McCain and time as a POW”. But I dare say there are few who would have the perseverance of that man. Some comment on his graduation rank in the Naval Academy, guess how many fine service men and women received education beyond high school, if they even graduated.

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  1. A fascinating expose on our fine men in the military. And no Democrat of any repute would deny the greatness of our troops. The point being made by Obama is that these young men should not have been put in harms way in Iraq in the first place. My father fought World War II against the people who bombed Pearl Harbor. The American military did not attack any old bad country – they went after the perpetrators of the crime.

    McCain is the person who has degraded his service as a POW. Everyone admires his courage – but he wears it out, justifying deregulation of investment banks because McCain was a POW makes no sense. What is the world does being a POW have to do with understanding the dynamics of American Health Care Finance. This is not at all meant to degrade McCain’s service in Viet Nam – but that fact alone does not qualify him to be the President of the United States. ….

    Well written and emotionally expressed – thanks for the perspective. This perspective adds value to honest American discourse.

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