McCain Disgraces Greatest Generation
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McCain Disgraces Greatest Generation

The McCain campaign has catered to the Skin Head, Nazi, KKK, white supremacy mentality.  We know John McCain, he has been around a long time.  McCain has never catered to the wacko class of degenerate Rush Limbaugh followers.  So what happened?

Falling poll numbers prompted desperation.  The McCain camp has been like a rat backed into a corner – blustering, huffing, hissing, and clawing – threatening to come out fighting with real violence.  This disastrous misrepresentation of the Republican Party embarrassed legitimate honorable conservatives.  Someone finally got to McCain – and he gritted his teeth, gripped the microphone, and said, “Obama is a decent person…”  That was a painful, but necessary, moment in the proud McCain’s life.

German Christian Movement - 1933

The result of the extreme negative charges by the McCain Camp brought out the worst in all of us.  In an attempt to discredit the character of Obama, McCain discredited his own reputation.  And the reputation of the Republican Party.  The unintended consequence of the McCain – Palin tirade of hate spilled over to Mitch McConnell and Elizabeth Dole.  These conservative senators are now facing tough reelection campaigns.  This foolishness ignored fundamental laws of the universe – For every force there is an equal and opposite force.

The idea of a negative assault on Obama is not original, and properly done negative attacks can have net positive results.  Witness George W. Bush and the Rovian Politics of 2000 and 2008.  But playing with potions of the Dark Arts is a tricky business – too much spice will create hot words, inflamed temperaments, and ultimately leads to destructive hate.  We in America have witnessed the ultimate hate of the Dark Arts – we have seen crowds at Republican rallies cry out from the depths of anger – ‘Terrorist!’ – “Kill him!” – “Off with his head!” – “He is an Arab!”  Absolute Skin Head, Nazi, KKK, white supremest words.

 Friedrich Coch, German Christian

Friedrich Coch, German Christian

We have seen this frenzied zeal for righteousness before.  Christians across Germany embraced the Nazi Party in the 1930’s. When the KKK burns a cross they proclaim the fire as the ‘light of Jesus Christ.’  These radical right wing folks, endorsed and supported by Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, are in fact the bitter and angry people who hold on to their guns and their religion in times of crisis.

America is in a time of economic crisis, as was Germany in the early 1930’s.  Extremism gave rise to Hitler – The Palin faction of the McCain camp encourages and endorses extremism.  These are the real enemies of America.  These are the folks that the Greatest Generation fought in World War II.

Someone finally jerked McCain’s head back into reality.  And we doubt that it was the mindless Sarah Palin.  Palin is a flying monkey in the army of the Dark Arts. All week we watched Republican pundits – once honorable people – grapple with defending the McCain Camp philosophy of applying Napalm loaded jargon to scorch and burn.  There are actually people of dignity and integrity in the Republican Party – and their allegiance was tested by the Head Flying Monkey Palin.  The honorable Republicans slowly began to abandon ship, as indicated in national polling data, and McCain woke up.  Or someone shook him awake.

Gorring Christian Wedding

Gorring Christian Wedding

We are a few weeks out from the election.  The Perfect Political Storm created by mindless George Bush foreign and economic policy, coupled with the disproportionate hate campaign run by McCain, has virtually assured a McCain defeat at the polls.

The Republican Party – the Grand Old Party – has been tarnished by the Neocons of the Bush administration.  The Republican Party brought this on themselves.  The past thirty years the Republicans have catered to the extreme right wing.  The McCain campaign played specifically to that mentality – successfully whipping the Nazi wackos into a frenzy.  In doing so they have lost the confidence of reasonable, thoughtful conservatives.  They have threatened the safety and security of America.  They deserve to lose the election.

McCain has disgraced the honor of the Greatest Generation.  Is it too late for McCain to restore his personal dignity?

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  1. If his campaign catered to those types of extremists, then it is fair to say the same about Obama. He is a civil rights proponent with strong focus on minorities. He caters to the Black Panther party and the ACLU. The ACLU gave him an 80% approval rating. The ACLU supports organizations such as NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association). They defend the rights of an adult male to have relations with and underage male.

  2. It is not fair to say the same – Obama’s camp does not use inflammatory rhetoric to wind up the lunatic fringe – the ACLU and Black Panthers?

    Being supported by lunatics is different than supporting lunatics.

  3. Looks like Captain America is a platoon leader from the flying monkey army who’s trying to call alarm by pulling a piece of lint from the pockets of funky below his butt goodwill pants to make a trail of flawed logic that can only be sniffed by the likes of mindless flying monkey associates whose membership pledge themselves and our future to the state of idiocracy.

  4. Good analysis Ohg

    You might want to read this Comment in today’s NYT:

  5. People in this mind set are reaching a bit, eh? Now are we really going to elect nothing but a social worker to run the free world? The economy is shot from actions all the way back to the Carter Admin and the right screams Bush is responsible, come on people, do the research and get the facts.

  6. “He Lied” About Bill Ayers?
    October 10, 2008

    McCain cranks out some false and misleading attacks on Obama’s connection to a 1960s radical.

    In a TV ad, McCain says Obama “lied” about his association with William Ayers, a former bomb-setting, anti-war radical from the 1960s and ’70s. We find McCain’s claim to be groundless. New details have recently come to light, but nothing Obama said previously has been shown to be false.

    In a Web ad and in repeated attacks from the stump, McCain describes the two as associates, and Palin claims they “pal around” together. But so far as is known, their relationship was never very close. An Obama spokesman says they last saw each other in a chance encounter on the street more than a year ago.

    McCain says in an Internet ad that the two “ran a radical ‘education’ foundation” in Chicago. But the supposedly “radical” group was supported by a Republican governor and included on its board prominent local civic leaders, including one former Nixon administration official who has given $1,500 to McCain’s campaign this year. Education Week says the group’s work “reflected mainstream thinking” among school reformers. The group was the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, started by a $49 million grant from the Annenberg Foundation, which was established by the publisher Walter Annenberg, a prominent Republican whose widow, Leonore, is a contributor to the McCain campaign.

    (, which is nonpartisan, also receives funding from the Annenberg Foundation. But we are in no way connected to the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which finished its work long before we came into being in late 2003.)

    Their Director of Misinformation Rick Davis demande an apology from Obama today.
    They all are pathetic liars and American citizens are not being fooled.

  7. wow. Capt america & Ohg. Just put your hoods on say what u really feel. And lets be serious, Mccain has What qualifications to be president? He graduated 894 out of 899 in the miltary. LOOK AT HIS RECORD, he has been below average thus far. And it took the KEATING 5 for him to realize(so he says) how crooked he had become?? Another C student looking to run the country ala our moron in chief right now (bushie) . Look, say what you want, I want and DEMAND that our next pres is at least intelligent enough to hadle the 21st century problems of today.

    That is Obama– not Mccain! and ESPECIAlly NOT palin! PERIOD POINT BLANK!

  8. Michael, there were several Presidents who had no college education at all. And almost half never served in Congress.

  9. So, I don’t claim that I happen to be the most informed, but this web page looks to me like nothing but propaganda to put fear into the minds of the ignorant……. I mean, come on, pictures of Hermann Goering’s Wedding??? Why doesn’t whomever wrote this article just come out and say Mccain is adolf hitler himself!

  10. The point of the pictures are to remind folks that Christians can be misled. If you are not afraid of the modern philosophy of the GOP – then you are not paying attention.

    These people called themselves Christians – does that make the right – No – they hid behind Christianity. The evangelical right wing has tried to steal the true meaning of Christ. .

    What kind of a country invades and destroys other countries?

    What kind of a country puts wire taps on its own citizens?

    What kind of a country tells the people which faith they may have?

    What kind of a country nationalizes the banks?

    What kind of a country advocates ‘hate speech?’

    Certainly not the country that my father fought for in WWII.

  11. what kind of country allows genocide?

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