Sarah Palin – Terminator Transformer
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Sarah Palin – Terminator Transformer

The genre was resurrected by a different Governor – Arnold Schwarzenegger – and has been taken to the next level by Sarah Palin.  This is the story of robotics – mindless creatures programmed to defend their creator.  The Terminator film series took this to another level – beyond mere defense – the robots are offensive.

A Terminator does not question, they cannot, they follow their internal programmed chip.  We are not talking about Robbie the Robot.  The modern version of robotics appears to be human.  They are covered with human qualities, designed to mask their true nature.  The true nature is destruction at any cost.  They do not worry about their dignity or integrity – the only honor is the total destruction of the opposition.

The next level of the robotic entertainment is defined by the “Transformers.”  These are robots that have the capacity to transform themselves into different forms, depending on the need.  Sarah Palin is a Transformer Terminator.  She transforms with the daily script – attacking the perceived enemy.

The ability to transform was the central quality necessary to the McCain Campaign.  They could not have a Mitt Romney or a Mike Huckabee.  While these men can perform the Carnival Barking duties of a candidate – they have personal integrity – integrity that limits their transformative qualities.  Nothing less than total transformation was required by McCain.

So the question is:  Who pulls the strings on this puppet?  In the past several months Senator McCain has made comments that seemed contrary to his campaign.  His campaign has responded with “The candidate does not speak for this campaign.”  It has become excruciatingly obvious that Sarah Palin is not her own person – but what about McCain?

We should be weary when we do not know who we are voting for.  We do not want to go to the Forbidden Planet.

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  1. Sarah Palin a transformer, while Obama is a Decepticon.

  2. It’s the other way around, as news has just broke concerning Palins deceit and lack of integrity and mis-use of power as the Gov. of Alaska in the troopergate scandel. Highly evolved beings of light don’t succumb to negative attacks as a method to scare others regarding the truely, honorable candidate in this campaign who is deemed to win. And yes, America will be very fortunate under the evolved leadership of Senator Barack Obama.

    Smear and lies won’t work this time. Enough people have raised their conciousness to see, hear, feel and discern the truth.

  3. Here’s a mash-up of Sarah Palin and the original Terminator movie.

  4. Sarah Palin is a very vocal person and most of the time she speaks what she thinks and how she feels. ..

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