The Marines in Iraq
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The Marines in Iraq

What is it about Marines that make them so special?  When called upon to serve they do not ask why – they merely pack their bags and go.  They do what is asked of them.  They believe in their hearts that their missions are honorable – that they are in the service of America. How else could they live with themselves?  Theirs is not to reason why, theirs is but to do or die. They trust, they trust that their missions are honorable. So who is supposed to ask why?

This writer often writes about the ill conceived war in Iraq.  Osama Bin Laden remains free while the youth of our military are put in harms way to satisfy some speculatory need of George Bush and Dick Cheney.  We feel frustrated and angry when candidates try to bolster their personal image by talking about how they ‘voted for the troops.’  We wonder why they voted to put our troops in harms way and reduce the threat against our mortal enemy – Osama Bin Laden.  Is that what they mean by ‘support of our troops?’

Check out these videos – they are of Marines in Iraq.  The pictures are graphic – they are not pretty.  This is a direct result of Bush and Cheney and their cronies seeking to prove some personal point.  Check out these Marines – they are in the worst possible situation, and they smile and support each other – they do their job.  The GOP, in their quest to reduce spending, have butchered bills that were designed to help these same troops when they come home.  Is this what they mean by “Support of our troops?”

These videos are presented here to honor our troops – to inform people about the desperation and severity of war, and to suggest that we honor our troops by earning their trust:

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