Finding Love On-Line For Old People
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Finding Love On-Line For Old People

This writer is a member of the AARP – that should tell you something.  We are on the AARP e-mail list.  Yesterday we received an email titled, “Ohg, Find Love On Line.”  We are laughing as we write – the imagery of old people and internet dating was just too much for our sensibilities.  Perhaps we are just struggling to keep up with modern technology integrating into the love life of Grandma.

Here is the lead come-on in the email:

Find Love With the Perfect Ad

Single? Looking for love? The AARP Personal Ad Maker helps you write the perfect ad to attract the mate that rates! It’s easy and fast. Try it now and you may just find a new love. Visit our online community for pointers or check out these dos and don’ts here.

We don’t think we need the AARP to find love – we just need to go to a subway station and be filmed again.  Here we are looking for love in the subway station:

If there are any young women out there looking for love – don’t call the AARP – just call me at BR-549. We are in Punkin Center, Missouri, looking forward to a romantic evening by the wood stove.

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