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Media has painted McCain as the Grinch. Here is the story. This McGrinch was a citizen of Peopleville. The residents of Peopleville where a happy bunch, who all would come together for the best interests of the people. There where mainly two types of people in Peopleville. The Republiwhys and the Demawhats. They were a town of mixed individuals and had some Whocarezits living there also. The Grinch was a Republiwhy who was known to bring the town of Peopleville together when agreements couldn’t be made.

One year the office of Mayor came open and the folks of Peopleville were glad to get rid of the current Mayor who was a Whocarezits. The candidates were the Republiwhy McGrinch and Demawhat Ohelpus. Ohelpus was different than all previous Mayors. He was dark blue while the past Demawhat Mayors where light blue.

Ohelpus spoke gracefully, was charming and charismatic. He brought a sense of hope to the folks of Peopleville. While McGrinch was relying on his longtime citizenship and duty to his town for election.

When McGrinch realized his long tenure and service to his town was not enough, he got a cuddly pet named Govpal. As with most pets they aim to please and everyone loved Govpal. But the town of Peopleville were still in awe of Ohelpus.

Without the love and support he once had, McGrinch’s heart shrunk 3 sizes. He became bitter and angry and moved to Mt. Mudsling to live with the outcasts and his pet Govpal.

The outcasts of Mt. Mudsling were always throwing dirt clogs down the mountain to the folks of Peopleville. One day they all decided to roll a boulder of hate and trample Ohelpus for good so McGrinch would get voted in. While the boulder gained speed on course to Ohelpus, McGrinch thought of all the folks of Peopleville and really didn’t want anyone hurt so he ran down the mountain and blocked the boulder with a small stone of dignity. McGrinch saved Ohelpus and the folks of Peoplville. Though he was not elected as Mayor, the town was grateful and so was Ohelpus. And McGrinch’s heart grew 4 sizes larger that day.

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  1. Uhhhhh….. WHAT?

    Either you’ve been reading TOO much Dr Seuss or smoking something might potent…

  2. Conservatives leave the smoking potent stuff to the hippies, aka liberals.

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