McCain is Mean Spirited – Slams Congressman Lewis
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McCain is Mean Spirited – Slams Congressman Lewis

Congressman John Lewis has condemned the McCain Campaign for ‘…sowing the seeds of hate and division..” and he mentioned the segregationist Governor George Wallace. John Lewis is characterized as a ‘measured man’ – careful with his language…  There are few men in Congress as respected as John Lewis.

This writer believes that John McCain has intentionally provoked his ‘base.’  It seems to us that if this is the Republican base then they are much worse than we ever imagined.  Is this rhetoric representative of the base?  Not at all.  The real leaders of the Republican Party are disgusted with the McCain Campaign tone.

McCain has been acting out of desperation – and the rowdy and unruly crowds stoke his emotions and energize him.  With ‘hate speech’ permeating the McCain Palin rallies McCain and Palin smile in gratification for the support.  Late last week someone in the Party who holds on to their dignity got to McCain – and McCain gripped his microphone and gritted his teeth and said, “Obama is a decent man.” (The fourth video in this series).

But John McCain attacked Congressman John Lewis today for his remarks.  McCain acted as if he was insulted to be associated with his own campaign.  This can only mean that his grip on the microphone was not sincere.  McCain is acting out of desperation – and is showing his true character.

When McCain was interviewed by the Reverend Rich Warren at Saddleback Christian Church he was asked who he would go to for advice.  Congressman John Lewis was one of three people McCain mentioned.  Perhaps McCain should take his own advice and consult Congressman Lewis.

McCain needs to take the cotton out of his ears and put it in his mouth.

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  1. John McCain is one of the best politicians that i know, he works very hard to satisfy his constituents”;”