The GOP Legacy – Wars, Death, Hatred, Socialism
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The GOP Legacy – Wars, Death, Hatred, Socialism

This is a banner year in American Politics.  This is the year when the people rise up and crucify the self serving, greedy, power and control, mean spirited Republicans.  That was a mouthful, don’t you think.  It is written in the spirit of McCainian Anger.  The American people should be angry.  WARNING to readers – This post is written with venom squeezed from the fangs dead republican campaign rhetoric.

Under the watchful eye of the Grand Old Party, we have attacked and destroyed a sovereign nation, have lost seven trillion dollars in retirement savings for Joe Sis Pack, have killed almost 5,000 American soldiers, have disgraces our country in foreign policy, have denied health care for our children, and have driven our country as close to complete socialism as anyone ever imagined.

We are living in a time reminiscent of  the leadership of Stalin or Khrushchev.  The Republican Party is advocating the government purchase of our banks.  John McCain advocates government purchase of mortgages so he can redistribute the American wealth.  Has America ever been closer to complete socialism?  The conservatives rant used was once calling anyone they did not like “Communist.”  Who are the real communists in America – certainly not the “liberals.”

The McCain camp is advocating hatred, racial hatred, social hatred, prejudice, and ignorance as the best route to a viable government.  They plucked a flower in Alaska to put a pretty face on their mean spirited campaign of dishonor.  Palin will wilt on November 5th.  She has associated herself with the most disgraceful campaign in the history of modern communications.

The difference between McCain, Bush, Cheney, McConnell, and company with the leadership of Stalin and Khrushchev is that Stalin offered health care and retirement to his people.  We have written before on the American Revolution of 2008 – and that reality grows stronger with every passing day on the stock market, and on the campaign trail of tears.  The evangelical right got what they asked for – mean spirited, hateful, selfish, self righteous, greedy, demagogues of leaders.

This writer was ready to retire completely – but a 50 point move in the stock market equals about $1,000 in our portfolio.  I would ask McCain or Bush to do the math – but they must have flunked long division in the third grade.  Our grandchildren have to go sixty miles to Kansas City for health care – they have insurance – but no local physician accepts their employer sponsored plan.  Local plants are closing, one just announced they would close for two weeks because of slow sales – their employees will not be paid.  This is personal for Joe Six Pack, the person most disrespected by the McCain, Bush, Cheney led GOP.

The local rednecks have banded together to support Obama – McCain and Palin can lie all they want – they can rant and rail about “that one” – but those accusations and racial intonations do not feed the children of our community.

The people should strike their ballots on November 4 with hot branding irons – we should leave a mark that filthy politicians will not forget for generations.

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  1. There would probably be a lot of responses to this from your fellow Dems. but they all ran out of incense, dye and flowers. I finally figured out why the Democrats are against John McCain, because his campaign ran out of bright shiny things to get their attention. I hear them singing now, (…I’d like to buy the world a coke…..) Ha ha ha. Oh I enjoyed this.

  2. No one I know is laughing. The economy is in shambles, heath care is a mess and our planet is in peril. These are serious times and serious times come for serious leadership. Someone who understands that people are struggling right now and has ideas to help them out. Not someone who parades around with contrived lies and misconceptions. Id like to buy the world some sense of morality.

  3. IT WIKK BE WORSE WITH OBAMA. He has no experience in doing anything expcept public speaking.

  4. For heaven’s sake Trisha, McCain has not had any experience of anything but being part of the repugnicon party that have caused this mess.

  5. Captain un-American.. That is why McCain will lose. He and his followers such as yourself is more concerned about childish and non-substance things like, “…but they all ran out of incense, dye and flowers.” instead of caring more about the issues that is hurting America today. nuff said…

  6. Duane,
    In no way do I feel to be un-American, I’m a military veteran and a union, blue collar worker making under 40k a year. Todays issues affect me greatly. I had preferred to answer frivolously. Honestly I’m upset. I’m upset about how McCain’s campaign has been managed, how the left leaning media feasts on any imperfection of McCain and looks over Obama’s faults.
    Obama has ties to a known domestic terroist. (Not a big deal.)
    Obama has ties to ACORN. (Doesn’t matter if folks don’t vote, you whiny Republicans)
    Obama has recieved over 1million from major subprime lenders. (Everyone does it. It’s ok if you say hope and change.)

    McCain was involved in Keating 5 and cleared of wrong doing. (He is a corrupt gov’t official.)
    McCain defends Obama against hatred from his own supporters. (It’s all set up, he hates Obama, blacks, latinos, is a racist, and hates Amercia. I mean Whoopi Goldberg asked if she was going to become a slave again.)
    McCain championed a regulating Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, know as the McCain-Feingold Act (But he is McCain and is greedy and only out their for himself, he is nothing more than a deregulating moron.)

    Is that more to your liking?

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