Who is That Masked Man? (Obama)
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Who is That Masked Man? (Obama)

Every time we hear McCain or Palin say, “Who is Barack Obama?” we have to laugh to ourselves.  They remind us of the town folks in the small town that has just been rescued by The Lone Ranger – they always ask, “Who was that Masked Man?”  The next person marvels, “I don’t know.  But he left a silver bullet.”  What a hoot.

Did I just hear Joe Biden say “Kemosabi, me go Scranton.  You go Ohio.”

Obama came out of nowhere and is riding on a silver stallion.  The mask is superficial; this man carries silver bullets.  From the Appalachian mountains to the Golden Gate Bridge, from New York to Los Angeles, From Canada to Mexico, Obama rides fast and furious.  He is equally comfortable on Adirondack chairs and surf boards, in a Space Needle, on top of an Arch, or walking Key West. 

Bad government policies fall at his command.  Poor people are rescued from the land barons.  Corrupt sheriffs are run out of town.  The innocent are relieved, the guilty punished.  The Masked Man has silver handled revolvers – and his aim is precise.

Obama has been campaigning nationally for two years – and Palin says, “Who is Barack Obama?” Where in the world has she been – Alaska?  Is she waiting for the Pony Express to deliver the news?  What is McCain doing, catching up on old newspapers from his POW days?  How can they expect to defeat their opponent if they do not follow current events?

Barack Obama was in 22 national debates during the Democratic Primaries.  One would think that the Republicans might have been paying attention – or do they just wait for the buildings to be bombed and the banks to go broke before they pay attention?

The question is not “Who is Barack Obama?”  The question is “Where has John McCain been?”

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  1. I appreciate your sentiments here, but perhaps you should invest in a spell-checker before you publish this for wider viewing. It’ll improve your rhetoric. Especially if you spell the VP candidate’s names correctly.

  2. This is to funny! You are so on the mark. I am so sick of the Mccain/Palin schtick. Your slant is quite refrshing!

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