Finding John McCain
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Finding John McCain

The Presidential race of 2008 is arguably the most anticipated race in history. The economy is weak, we are torn over the war in Iraq, health care has diminished, the unemployment rate is up, and America’s 40 hour workers are scared.

Through democracy America has chosen 2 people they feel best to lead this country and have done a fine job doing so. Negative campaigning has affected our judgment.
The unfortunate situation here is that a lot of new registered voters know nothing of McCain except for what they see today, in the media, in negative attack ads, and his fiery disposition while debating. John McCain is not exempt from these tactics. To say his attack ads are 100% negative is a farce. The truth is in a one week period McCain’s attack ads were near 90% to Obama’s 34%. However, Obama’s attack ads were at 76% to McCain’s 34% during the conventions. All together McCain’s attack ads total 76% to Obama’s 61%. But let’s not get sidetracked by these.

We have sought a bipartisan President who will do what is best for everyone. We like the idea of taxing the bejesus out of companies, and sparing the 40 hour worker. This is appealing but the old axiom of “Crap rolls down hill” is very true. Tax breaks are why a single business fails in one state and prospers in another. So the appeal of cheaper taxes is what lures companies outside of the United States. The reality is that tax cuts for big business really do help the 40 hour worker retain his job, which is why McCain supports this.

So really, who is John McCain? Well upon his first appointment to Congress he sought assignment to the Committee on Interior Affairs to learn of the issues concerning its citizens. He fought hard for Indian rights and co-wrote the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act to fight corruption that has a tendency to take over the gaming businesses. He voted in opposition to his party and President Reagan against keeping Marines in Lebanon in which 200 Marines died in the Beirut Bombing.

President Reagan vetoed the Comprehensive Anti-apartheid act. Apartheid is a modern form of segregation and was in force in South Africa. The act imposed sanctions on South Africa and would be lifted upon the elimination of apartheid laws. McCain voted to override his veto.

McCain continued bipartisan work with Al Gore on the 1989 Missile and Proliferation Control Act and again in 1992 on the Iran-Iraq Arms Nonproliferation Act (commonly known as the Gore-McCain Act). For several years he went against his party trying to push the bipartisan written McCain-Feingold Act Regulating campaign contributions.

He co-sponsored the Agent Orange Act giving disability benefits to those affected by Agent Orange. He worked bipartisan with John Kerry on POW/MIA Affairs.

In 1996 he co-sponsored the Line Item Veto Act to allow Presidents to veto sections of bills to help combat wasteful spending, but was later overturned being ruled as unconstitutional.

After McCain lost to Bush they held deep contempt for each other. McCain opposed the Bush tax cuts because it favored more fortunate people on the backs of the middle class.
After the 9/11 attacks, McCain co-wrote legislation creating the 9/11 Commission to investigate the American government for accountability and provide mandates to prevent future attacks.

A big proponent of the environment, he tried to introduce cap and trade in 2003 and 2005, but was beaten buy his own party. In 2005 he worked bipartisan again to propose the Immigration reform act with Ted Kennedy which failed. He supported a 2006 similar act and co-sponsored another in 07 and failed.

John McCain has consistently bucked his party if it didn’t help the American people and has strenuously worked across parties to accomplish bills in the best interests of Americans. I hope this sheds light on who the real John McCain is and not what the ads or media portrays. This is not an attempt to gain votes but an expose of the truth.

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  1. McCain sold out – McCain will lose this election and then he will have to live with himself. McCain has threatened the future of America by selecting Sarah Palin for the position of Vice President.

    This attempt at defending McCain is honorable – but it does not reflect what we the voters have been watching for the past six weeks.

  2. I do not argue that Sarah Palin was a horrible choice. But to paint McCain and his supporters as anti-semitic is preposterous and vile. I have said before, McCain will lose and I think Obama is perfectly capable of leading the free world. McCain’s party wanted him to pursue Obama’s relationship with Rev. Wright, but McCain refused. He has spent his whole life serving this country. The last six weeks have shown an emotional McCain and robotic Obama. I agree he should have spent more time talking on the issues, his campaign was horribly misguided and mismanaged. But this is written to show the history of bipartisanship McCain has spearheaded. Obama cares nothing for conservatives.

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