Home Made Potato Soup
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Home Made Potato Soup

Home Made Potato Soup:


Lots of potatoes – 8 – 10 red or russet will work – depends on if you like leftovers

One 8 oz can of chicken broth

One pint of whipping cream

Two sticks of butter

One or two yellow or white onions – to taste






While bringing well salted water to a boil, peel and cut the potatoes.  Cut them into bite size pieces. After the water comes to a boil add the chopped potatoes – set the timer for twenty-two minutes. (Remember – we are not making mashed potatoes.)

In a separate sauce pan melt the butter and add chopped onions, simmering until the onions are soft. Add salt, pepper, and basil to the onion and butter mix. All to taste – but do not be stingy with the salt or the basil.

Now the tricky part – we need to make a rue.  Mix a couple of tablespoons of flour with about a cup of milk – We have a closed container to shake it up like a martini. Stir the flour/milk mix into the butter and onions – stirring constantly to make a pasty rue.

Drain the potatoes, put the potatoes back in the pot and add the chicken broth and whipping cream. Stir lightly over moderate heat – then add the rue.

Test for thickness and add milk as necessary to achieve your preference.

Really good stuff on a cool fall day – and a nice compliment to a deli sandwich. We like a loaf of Italian bread to dip in the soup.

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  1. How do like your potatoes?


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