Note to McCain: Sarcasm Is Toxic
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Note to McCain: Sarcasm Is Toxic

John McCain attempted to belittle Obama in their final debate by using sarcasm.  Sarcasm is toxic.  Sarcasm poisons relationships.  Sarcasm poisons reasonable discourse. Sarcasm poisons conversation.  Is this sarcasm an example of how McCain will deal with contentious world leaders?

The point here is quite simple. McCain uses his anger, manifested in sarcasm, to try to intimidate and control others. We have seen this many times in McCain’s career. These intimidation tactics may work on Joe the Plumber – but they don’t work on the really tough people our President will have to deal with.

President Bush has poisoned America’s relationships with foreign governments.  John McCain will completely destroy those relationships.  What will he do when a world leader does not agree with him?  Imagine this man sitting at the table of a G8 summit, representing America.  Will McCain throw up his hands and roll his eyes, then dismiss the other with a sarcastic jab.?

This type of indignation for others is arrogant, self righteous, and elitist.

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