Stealing Jesus – The 2008 Elections
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Stealing Jesus – The 2008 Elections

Quoting from the book Stealing Jesus” by Bruce Bawer:

“The simple word religion lends dignity to prejudice, muffles opposition and obliges the media to tread carefully. Not only politicians but journalists, too, are less likely to criticize frankly the attitudes of individuals or groups when they identify themselves as Christian and attribute their attitudes to their faith.”

We think that this is critical in the present election cycle.   So often we fall into the trap of believing that the conservative candidates represent religion, or even more, are somehow endorsed by God.  And the media does little to dispel that myth. This bumper sticker that we saw was a little more straightforward:

“When Jesus said ‘love your enemies,’ I think he meant don’t kill them.”

We are not hearing that message from the self proclaimed ambassadors of God.  We are actually hearing something quite different.  We are hearing that God sanctioned the United States above all other countries.  We are hearing that patriotism is an act of faith in God.  We are hearing that killing others in the name of our God is not just permissible but necessary.

How is this different from what we are hearing from the radical Islamics in Afghanistan?

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