“Give’em Hell Barry”
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“Give’em Hell Barry”

In 1948 Harry Truman was desperate to win the White House.  He had been president for over three years – but he ascended to the throne via the death of Franklin Roosevelt.  Truman was not popular.  The Republican Thomas Dewey led in the polls and in monetary donations.  The pollsters stopped polling two weeks before the election – everyone assumed there was no need.  But Harry Truman gave’em hell.

On a far ranging whistle stop campaign by rail, Truman stopped at every crossing and gave a rousing speech.  The people began to shout, “Give’em Hell Harry.”  Truman responded, “I just tell the truth and they think it is hell!”

The shout of the 2008 election should appropriately be, “Give’em Hell Barry!”  Barack Obama, as a child, was known as Barry.  Barack Obama is pointing out the failed economy, the failed deregulation of banks, the failed support of greedy corporate CEO’s, the failed foreign policy – and the Republicans think it is hell.

The Republicans think Obama is being too hard on them.  Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it.  Obama is telling the truth.

Obama is hammering the point of truth.  Even McCain has to admit that Washington changed the Republican Party.  The disput about Bill Ayers is superficial.  McCain is grasping for anything that will divert attention fro the truth.

Obama says the middle class needs consideration – McCain shouts ‘Domestic Terrorist”

Obama says that the Republican Foreign Policy has alienated our allies – McCain shouts “Bill Ayers!”

Obama says we should be energy independent – McCain shouts, “Drill, Baby, Drill!”

Obama says we are wasting military resources in Iraq – McCain shouts, “I know David Patraeus.”

Obama says we should focus on catching or killing Bin Laden – McCain shouts, “It feels like I am going to hell!”

Obama hammers the greedy corporate CEO’s – McCain shouts “More ail, More ail!” (He likes to change his message).

Barack Obama is giving the righteous right an appropriate dose of Hell.  They like to talk about hell – they like to advocate for hate and prejudice and a divided America.  But Obama is not letting them get away with it.

Obama is telling the truth and it just feels like Hell to McCain.

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