I Believe – a Tribute to Levi Stubbs of the Four Tops
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I Believe – a Tribute to Levi Stubbs of the Four Tops

Levi Stubbs died today. He was 72. The lead Singer of the Four Tops, one of Motown’s greatest.

We remember those days – those days when Motown lifted all of us to a higher understanding of music.

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  1. I would to extend my deepest sympathy to the Stubb Family. May the love of Christ Jesus hold you and keep you at this time and the may the memories of Levi continue to bring your comfort .
    I have been a fan for over 33 years and I can say that Levi and The Four Tops brightened my days since childhood. Levi had a exceptional Voice and talent and we will miss him so… Thank You Levi for all the love and Thank You Stubbs family for sharing Levi with us!
    Cathy Walker
    Los Angeles, California

  2. I just found out today about Levi’s home-going.
    He may be absent from us, but he is present with The Lord.
    How awesome it is to have one’s life remembered in music.
    All the good memories the music brings back…

    To Duke: Thank you all for staying together all these years and sharing your gifts with us.
    I truly thank God for you all and your music. Lives were {and remain} brighter because of you & your gifts.
    The 4 Tops are the one group I can think of who kept their music pure and had no gossip associated with them.
    I grew up listening to you. The music STILL brings JOY today.
    You are in my prayers.

    To the family & friends: No mere words can express my feelings. You are in my prayers. Thank you for sharing Levi and his music with the rest of us.

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