McCain – the Dark Arts of Rovian Politics
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McCain – the Dark Arts of Rovian Politics

The campaign for President has entered a troubling time.  The McCain Camp is stirring the pot, adding some spice, flavoring with acidic language, hoping for a secret potion.  The stew is beginning to boil, steam is wafting, dark clouds forming, and the warlock is pleased.  The dark arts of Rovian politics never produce positive results.  Dark Arts bring out the worst in people – The Secret Service should be on alert.

The stew is poison.  With temporary relief from pain, the long term affects are overlooked.  Poisoning the political discourse encourages the loonies to come out to play.

Properly mixed, the secret potion can turn Obama into a terrorist, a warmonger, a comrade to Putin and Ohmydidhesayjihad, a mixed race person with Chinese lineage, a closet communist, and perhaps even challenge his sexual preferences.  The ultimate in character transformation would be to cast Obama as a Liberal.

The road to the white house is made of yellow bricks.  Every turn brings a new danger.  The winged monkeys are flying.  And the winged monkeys are eager to please their master.  Winged monkeys do not have good judgment – they act on instinct – and they are dangerous.

A local cases of loonyness comes to mind.  True story – There was a man called “Corky.”  Corky had a hard life, his emotional trauma distorted his powers of reason.  Eager to please just about anyone he would commit any act requested.  One day Corky hooked up with a local thug.  The local thug wanted to rob a Drug Store, and he had the guns.  They pulled their car into the alley behind the store, and Corky was sent in to do the job.  Corkey pointed the shotgun at the old man, the pharmacist, the owner of the store.  “Give me your money,” Corky said.  Mr. Sherman said, “No, you can just shoot me.”

So Corky shot Mr. Sherman, killed him.  The psychological evaluation noted that Corky had a ‘dull-normal’ intelligence.  Corky did what he was told.  Corky was one of the flying monkeys – eager to please the master.

Our fear about the depth of nastiness of the McCain campaign is that they are calling out the flying monkeys.  Mindless creatures eager to please.  These folks can be stirred up, and that is just what McCain wants.  McCain has lost all sense of integrity and dignity.  He would send out

Sarah Palin?

Sarah Palin?

mindless creatures to reek havoc on the political landscape.

Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska has been overcome by the agents of the Dark Arts.  The agents of Power, of Control, of intimidation, of lying, of hate speech, lusting for fame – the agents that transform innocent people into forces of darkness.  McCain has mixed a powerful potion of danger.

Desperation is a poor excuse for political strategy.

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  1. I don’t normally get into crazy magical analogies but you hit it right on the mark. And it all fit together perfectly. Thank you.

  2. I liked your post…and agree wholeheartedly. I have a feeling McCain Palin will be “melting” soon and end up just a hat and a broom on the floor…

  3. Apparently, today when Palin started talking about Obama’s friendship with Ayers, in addition to the loud chorus of boos from the crowd, someone yelled out, “Kill him!” I don’t think that this article overstates the potential of the right-wing haters to conjure up a justification for attacking Obama. To the extent that McCain and Palin and their Rovian handlers/strategists create an environment that supports and encourages that type of thinking, they become complicit in any future violence. They should immediately stop these attacks, renounce any suggestion that Obama is evil or a traitor or a terrorist, and honestly re-engage Obama and Biden on the serious issues that face this country.

  4. Jeff – you got the point. These are very scary times. Ohg

  5. What is so disturbing to me about the rallies Palin and McCain are holding is the hatred and fear generated in the crowds. Crowd mentality, when stirred up by polical leaders, leads to serious actions. I fear the ugliness I see. I wish they would stop before someone loses it. In two separate videos yesterday you could hear one person scream out “terrorist” in response to McCain’s question of who is Obama and “kill him” in response to something Palin said. Are we really that sick in our culture? Perhaps so but there has to be a heavy price to pay for that and I believe McCain will be the one to pay. Things are just too serious and too dark right now. I happen to believe that if this nation is to survive and thrive again, the good has to prevail. I’m not suggesting that Obama/Biden are without faults but they do seem to represent a more calm approach to governing. The media has a real responsibility here to help prevent this anger mongering and hatred from getting any further out of control. The media must speak out against it now, before it is too late. We live in dangerous times.

  6. The Mass Media, being the major outlets and extremist, have very little accountability. They have done their jobs, they prey on your fears. Which is why even a conservative like myself avoids most of that trash and would rather get my information from an online magazine like this one. If you would like to hear ethical reporting check out Brian Williams, I actually happen to agree with him.

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  8. Good people in power used to ‘fall on their swords’ rather than dishonor their family name by some tragic misjudgment. Now such things are mostly cliches to the powerful. McCain is a hypocrit and pathetic. But Palin wouldn’t even know what honor means. Imagine her in a powerful position.
    Great story above, thanks.

  9. Great article –

    But have you ever noticed Obama’s unflappability.

    I think Obama has some of Gandalf’s magic. With a sprinkling of Obi Wan Kenobi’s temperment and Han Solo’s straight shooting.

    May the flying monkeys, orks and mogels of the world go down in a fury of nothingness.

    They will lose.

  10. Oh, I forgot to say …

    Dorothy’s hope too 🙂


  11. Palin pathetic? Pfft. She probably has more understanding about what it is to be middle class than any of the contestants on this game show.

  12. If those that are running to be the leaders of this nation can’t come across as mature and responsible then they really aren’t leaders. I’ve seen elementary school children debate the issues of the election and behave more responsible than what I have seen from the Republican party. As a very conservitive individual myself, I havn’t voted for a Republican for President since BEFORE Regan. As a Democrat that abhors abortion I often went with members of my Catholic church to stand across from an abortion clinic to pray and offer information to the lost women who were going into the clinic. Very Peaceful. We had numerous “crossovers’ that came and inquired and many that changed their minds after talking with us. One Loudmouth newcomer decided to shout across to every woman–“They Kill Babies Over There!”. “God Will Condemn you to Hell”. Needless to say all it did was make the women not approach us and enter the clinic even faster. We quickly asked then demanded the individual to leave. Interestingly I attended an Obama Rally in the downtown area hosted by President Bill Clinton last week in here Florida. There was no hate mongering. There were no jeers when McCain’s name was mentioned. People want to know facts and the truth particularly during times like these. We,the people, need to work together–intelligently. There will always be idiots and ignorant people out there. We do not want to attract them to our campaign. We do want to attract them with our sensibilities. It’s a shame the Republican Party seems to have encouraged and attracted the extreme elements from Nazi’s/skinheads,survivalists,KKK,bigots,racists, religious zealots and just plain closed minded morons that think that they represent the average citizen. Instead of trying to instill some type of civilized nature in their followers they seem to encourage their anti-social behavior to rile up more support. I do fear that some of these sociopaths will strike out at someone they think has different ideaologies perhaps even make an assassination attempt and think that they are doing the will of the people(“Everyone knows he was destroying our nation-now I’m a hero”). We are quick to see the futileness and self destructiveness of the situation between Sheite’s and Sunni’s in Iraq, Jews and Palistinians in the Mideast, just as was the case with Catholics and Prostants in Ireland. Are we headed that way? We are identifying more with being Republicans and Democrats,Liberals and Conservitives-than we are with identifying with being Americans—United as a nation. I truly believe our greatest threat is not the economy,or terrorism, or energy,or the enviornment–it’s political partisianship. Divided…..We Will Fall. Without responsible,mature,sensible,honest leaders we have nothing. Tell YOUR party leaders to “Get Real”

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  14. Holy %^&^ are you stupid. All of you. I feel dumber for reading this… Please dont vote, dont mate, dont speak. Just pay your *&^*(‘n taxes.

  15. Interesting…………and sad. Here we are 2016, not too many years ago I couldn’t imagine myself living in this unknown science fiction future. The tragedy is, we haven’t learned anything. We are stuck in the vortex helpless to escape, destined to repeat, repeat, repeat. I didn’t vote for McCain/Palin and couldn’t understand just what kind of insanity put them in the race to begin with and there wasn’t anyone else who had the good sense to keep the foot out of their mouths. Eight years later and we have the SSDD in every corner. Hoping and praying for an intelligent result to rise up out of the mess of hungry piranhas we have to choose from. Eight years later, it’s still a dangerous world x’s infinity. We need a sincere public servant no matter the party.