The Hypocrisy of John McCain
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The Hypocrisy of John McCain

This article is three fold: Hypocrisy, associations, and health of John McCain:


John McCain continues to disgrace the name of McCain.  Is there no redeeming quality in this man?  Has he lost all sense of dignity?  His own party is running from him.  He is driving the Republican Party into the ground.  When this election is over the only people who will proudly call themselves Republican are the charlatans of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter fame.

Check out McCain talking about ROBO calls.

This is the man who chastised the Bush Campaign for these same tactics. McCain has been quoted, and does not deny, saying, “I promise you I have never and will never have anything to do with that kind of political tactic.”

Desperation. Hatefulness. Disingenuous. Low Character. Hypocrite. What are the appropriate terms to define the New McCain? Whatever the word you choose – this is a man of deep anger and hostility.  John McCain has poisoned the debate in a troubling time for this country.  He does not put Country First.


The hate continues and is promoted by McCain and Palin.  Just when you think the Republican Party cannot go lower than Bush and Cheney, along come McCain and his KKK thug Palin. Who are the people that McCain and Palin ‘pal around’ with?


McCain’s health continues to be a question of concern. Because he has been less than truthful about other topics in this campaign. We have to ask whether he is being completely honest about his health. .

See Note to McCain, Sarcasm is Toxic

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  1. How is linking McCain/Palin with the KKK any different than linking Obama to terrorists? I am an Obama supporter and am troubled by certain things going on in this election, but it seems to me that it can work both ways. All people who claim support for one candidate or another need to be more careful about their words and actions. Spreading hate and fear about McCain is not the answer.