Rednecks for Obama
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Rednecks for Obama

We live in Missouri, rural Missouri.  Down the road a piece, just over the hill and down through the holler, rests the country store.  The folks like to sit around the pot belly stove and yack a bit.  They only fire up the stove in the winter, but it is a comfort just to have around.  We were there the other day and the good old boys was talking.

“I’m a gonna vote for that colored fella,” John Boy rambled.

“Why for you gonna do dat?” Hank said after a minute or two.

“Cause he gonna get me some health insurance.”  John Boy beamed his most proud smile.

“Why for you need health insurance?” Hank snickered.

“Cause Fannie Mae said she gonna shoot me if I keeps coming around this store,” John Boy looped his thumb around his suspenders.

“You won’t need no health insurance cause the colored fella is gonna take the gun away from Fannie Mae.”  Bobby John spit.

“Not this gun,” John Boy was scratching his hairy neck.

“How come not that gun?” Hank asked.

“It only shoots one bullet at a time.” John Boy beamed.

“Why would you need shoot more than one bullet, John Boy? Caint you hit nothin?” Bobby John looked surprised.

“Don’t know why you need more than one bullet?” Hank was wondering, ” But them city folks likes guns that shoot a lot of bullets.”

“She can’t shoot me no how,” John Boy said with calm assurance.

“How come?” Hank asked.

“Cause she ain’t got no bullets.”  John Boy was picking some mud out of his shoe.

“Where’d da bullets go?” Bobby John was gitting down right curious.

“We used em all.”  John Boy was as quick as ever.

“Git some more,” said Hank.

“Don’t got no money,” John Boy said matter of factly.

“How come you don’t got no money?” Bobby John seemed surprised.

“Cause I lost my job.  They moved da factry to China,”  John Boy hung his head.

“Maybe we should otta ask the Preacher.” Bobby John thought out loud.

“Already did,” John Boy answered.  “He said it ain’t no concern of his cause I aint been paying my tithe.”

“Hmmm,” Hand pondered, “I Better vote for da colored fella too.”

“Who the Preacher gonna vote for, John Boy?”  That was what Bobby John wanted to know.

“He gonna vote for the redneck.”  John Boy sighed.

“How come he gonna do dat?” Hand mused.

“Cause the redneck said if he is elected he is going to hell with that A-rab.  The Preacher said that is where you go for lying.”

“Why don you all come over for supper, I is cooking on my new grill?”

Hey Rednecks of America – send a link to this post to all you redneck buddies.

Note from Editor:  What color is Obama?  He is the Color of Water.

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  1. We live in rural Michigan, where we are also rednecks voting for Obama.

  2. Hi I am a Redneck from FLorida and we are voting for Obama

  3. I am not a redneck, but I’m still voting for Obama.
    Barack Obama, bringing Rednecks and non-Rednecks together since 2008.

  4. Obama……YEEEEHAAW!

  5. The only color I’m worrying about, is the green that those crooks in DC are stealing for the disabled and seniors.
    I’ll be a senior soon, I sure don’t want my social security going to that Wall street.
    So I guess I’ll be voting for that colored feller too.

  6. THis is awesome. You guys should start a facebook group “rednecks for OBAMA” and make some cool posters too.

  7. For you rednecks :)_ it might be the 1st ime a frenchman talks to you
    all i have to say, you guys are funny….
    OBAMA 08

  8. I’m a redneck from Illinois and I’m voting for the colored fella. Turns out rich white people ain’t no good neither.

  9. Us here rednecks in Texas are voting for Bama for sure !!

    We done had e nuf of the drama !! Tell ur moma to vote fer Obama !!

    Over and out !

  10. This is wonderful to hear. I now leave in California and am moving to Kansas City, Missouri sooon……so I now know that I will be among friends!!!!!!!!

  11. I’m not a redneck, but I come from a family of them. I am white, middle class, and a high school dropout. I started my own business, and have employees. I own my own home on a large bit of land in the mountains. I am pro business and I admire much of what Ron Paul has had to say. I am voting for Obama also!

  12. I am not a redneck but I am voting for Obama. If you guys get a tee shirt or something, please let me know so I can wear it in rural Wisconsin!!!!!

  13. I live in New England and I’ve only met one redneck in my life and he was from the western-most part of North Carolina. I think he might be voting for Obama.

  14. I’m a redneck from Georgia and I’m voting for Obama.

  15. I’m a Redneck and you guy need to add one word to your description of yourselves, “Dumb”. Whether you’re a Redneck or not, if you vote for Obama, you’re just plain Dumb.

  16. I’m an educated redneck woman in the hills of NC and I’m voting for Obama/Biden – or maybe I’m white trash? Anyway – I ain’t dumb enough to feed the hand that’s stabbing me in the back.

  17. I am not a redneck, but I am from Missouri and an active duty Navy Officer…. I am voting for Obama and I hope that you all are out there making sure that all your friends are voting for him too!!!!!!

    Forget the polls… we got the numbers… especially if you are active and getting out the vote… I have never been so fired up about a candidate since the first time I was allowed to vote many many years ago for McGovern….. the Repub philosophy has run us over the cliff, literally….
    America needs to wake up and realize that O has the judgement to lead us on a new path… that path where we really cared about our neighbors instead of leaving many of us out in the cold…..

    And NO… this isn’t socialism… this is democracy in action…. where we CHOOSE to bring ourselves up out of our quagmire…. WE CHOOSE IT… it is not govt mandating it……

    Either way, it will be better than the conservative socialism that has led us into a fascist state… and with Sarah Palin we will have completed their trifecta…. a Corporate Socialist, Fascist/Plutocracy, Theocracy state….

    No way.. No how… NO MCCAIN/:PALIN

  18. I am a redneck from Texas and I come from a long line of rednecks. Either you people aren’t good, self-respecting rednecks or you are the truly ignorant ones that give all us other rednecks bad names. Get a clue, people!!

    McCain/Palin ’08/’12

  19. CaptKiddTX September 20th, 2008 5:56 am :

    I am a redneck from Texas and I come from a long line of rednecks. Either you people aren’t good, self-respecting rednecks or you are the truly ignorant ones that give all us other rednecks bad names. Get a clue, people!!

    McCain/Palin ‘08/’12

    You are just like most trolls… you just hop in and say we are not self respecting and then give no reason why we aren’t… You give me the reasons to vote for your candidate…. YOU convince me why you think that the horrible repression our nation is in right now is good.. you tell me why you think that your 401KI is in the tank is good… you tell me why you think that you might be in default for your home is good…. you tell me why you think that it is good that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer is good…..
    You give my one fracking reason to vote for your candidate and I’ll cast my vote for him…… but be ready for a rebuttal….

  20. I’m a redneck from Texas who had two kids in Missouri… now I’m a gramma in California trying to sell a house to move back to Missouri where I can be a redneck again. They don’t allow rednecks in Sonoma County, but they will all be voting for Obama.

    My daughters and their men are all voting Obama in Missouri, too.

    And we LOVE Claire McCaskill.

    I would never vote for a coot like McCain or his trailer trash moosekiller, though I might eat some moose stew.

    McCain’s a yeller-bellied, hog-snapping turd blossom.

  21. First off, to MissouriMom, I don’t agree (particularly with the “trailer trash moosekiller”) but the last sentence is funny. Gotta love the rednecks ’cause only we put stuff that colorfully! If only TRADITIONAL liberals were that creative, these media snobs (Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, etc.) might actually be entertaining to watch.

    Now on to Show Me: fair enough!

    Let me start by saying that the financial crisis this country faces right now EVERYONE gets a little bit of responsibility!! You, me, congress, GWB, Republicans, Democrats, ALL OF US! We have a democratic congress that uses its majority to bully the repubs by not letting any/most proposed legislation from their side ever get a vote on the floor (this is much worse in the senate than in the house). We have a republican minority in congress that won’t holler long enough or loud enough about the fact that this is happening. We have a RINO (Republican in name only for those not familiar with the acronym) president that is an overspending, big government so-called “republican” that has allowed democrats to push through Lord knows how many bills and only vetoed 5 in 7 1/2 years. We also have a general public that is too complacent and/or lazy to get off our fat, over-indulged asses and scream bloody murder at the mockery that was and is being made of our great legislative process and our executive office!! I don’t think any one party should have total control of our executive and legislative branches during this crisis. Seeing as though the democrats will likely retain control of congress, I think the only logical choice is a republican for president. I am tired of these partisan politics. It is time for this country to come together in a bi-partisan way (like after 9/11) and take part in healing our country and our broken economy because neither side gets it right all the time. We have to take the good ideas from both sides and implement TRUE change in this country. Change for the better!!

    George W. is worthless.
    Congress is worthless.

    You want a reason to vote for McCain and Palin? How about the fact that most in their party can’t stand them?!? Why is that? They have both consistently stood up to their party when they thought it was the right thing to do. Both have a history of bi-partisanship and getting things done. McCain saw this financial crisis a few years back and voted for an oversight committee to be put into place to monitor Freddie/Fannie. Obama and most democrats voted against it.

    Look, I am not saying Obama isn’t a good man, I am sure he is. I just don’t think he has the experience to run this country (and please don’t give me the argument that Sarah Palin doesn’t have the experience either because she is not at the top of the ticket and so that is not a valid argument. And the “what if McCain dies in office” doesn’t work for me either. My mama always told me, “Boy, don’t borrow trouble. Don’t worry about $hit until $hit happens.” If it happens, I will worry about that then and pray that McCain has put together a good cabinet.) I think he is too squirrely on most topics and his voting record on such topics as gun rights (voted in favor of gun bans and says that semi-autos should be outlawed) and abortion (voted against a law that protected children who survive abortion). He talks down to people like you and me. Tells us we cling to our guns and religion. Tells us we watch the wrong TV news show and read the wrong newspapers, blogs, and magazines. HE was one of the largest recipients of Freddie/Fannie campaign money of any candidate, running for any office.

    I could keep going but feel I am getting a little long winded. Show Me, I hope I answered/touched on at least some of the points that you asked about.

    Looking back, that was a little trollish of me, I didn’t mean to come off that way. My apologies. At the end of the day, regardless of who gets our vote, I am sure we are all good, down-home country folk that love this country. Whether you are voting for McCain or Obama, I am sure I would be proud to be around any of you.

  22. I am a real redneck (from Michigan by way of a holler in Buchanan County, VA) and real rednecks don’t talk nothin’ like that so-called palaver around the woodstove up there. Besides that, no self-respectin’ redneck would vote fer Obama. He is a socialist and an inexperienced one at that! That said, McCain ain’t much better and I probably ain;t votin’ fer him either (though I like that Palin gal!). The two parties in power care about nothing else but the money and power they receive from staying in power. That’s why the Republicans these days can seriously put forth a candidate like John McCain, who is about as conservative as Bill Clinton (maybe less so). Whatever slop the people will swallow, these folks (on both sides of the “aisle”) are shovelin’ as fast as is humanly possible.

    I do want to say that such claptrap as is displayed in this article is disparaging to good honest folks (who proudly consider themselves rednecks), and is dishonest and discriminatory. And don’t tell me to get a clue, I know it is SUPPOSED to be funny. It ain’t!

    Oh, and nice response there, CaptKiddTX!

  23. I’m a NASCAR lovin momma in Michigan who’s a votin’ fer dat “colored fella” too!

    The only ones whoe are “dumb” are the ones voting for for Unstable/Unable.

    No way No how No McCain/Palin.

    Obama/Biden ’08!

  24. I’m a nascar-lovin, tabacca spittin, america lovin, redneck from the hills of Kentucky votin for the colored fella. He looks like a good boy to me, he’s gunna really fix sum things for us simple folk there in good old washinton of dc.

  25. I’m a hockey fan
    I eat venison
    I carve pumpkins
    I live in Michigan
    I’m voting Obama-Biden

  26. I live in Alabama–and I guess we’re all rednecks– and I’m voting for Obama.
    McCain isn’t going to help anyone but himself and his rich friends. He’s been responsible for the millions of dollars we rednecks had to pay to bail out the Savings/Loans. Now, his financial adviser cost us trillions of dollars. McCain and his deregulators costs every redneck man, woman and child $3,000. That would buy a lot of chew.

  27. MI Mom I love it Unstable/Unable

  28. aint not redneck … am actually black Guy.. and damn y’all funny up in here…. !! aint no american either…. but got to love me some Rednecks…


  29. This HAS to be a joke. LOL!

  30. […] Note: Thanks to Michigan Momma for the title to this post – the title was mentioned in a comment on Rednecks for Obama. [?] Share This Book Mark it-> | Reddit | Slashdot | Digg […]

  31. I’m black and my neck don’t get red, but I grew up in Valdosta, Georgia and most of my friends are rednecks and most of them are voting for Obama. The fact is that rednecks have more common sense than most. God bless y’all and I love y’all.

  32. Let review rednecks for McMummy/Failin, If Mc Mummy gets his way YOUR social security will be privatized . Thats a fancy white word for dumping $$$ into the stock market into companies like Bear Stearns OOOPPPPs thier not solvent anymore or maybe Merrill Lynch OOOOPPPPs just was forced sale to Bank of America for pennies on the dollar . Now granny redneck has no more food or trailer !! or bullets to shoot ! Vote for brains people ,brains to get up out of Iraq where we are dumping 10 BILLION clams a month . McMummy wants to stay there forever !!!! Vote Obama rednecks do your momma proud . signed former redneck hillbilly from Missouri now livin in Cali

  33. I’m a real bona-fide backwoods redneck from the hills of Missourah, an I can tell you one thing right proper, fellars. Them aint no real rednecks sittin around that woodstove, regardless of how they talk and such. I reckon it aint nothin more than a vaudville show, puttin’ on the ‘white-face’ act and pretending to show concerns and such, but let me tell ya how I feel about this.

    I’m country; as country as country gets. I will not ever under any circumstance vote for a man that thinks it is okay to kill babies in the womb. That aint right, that aint natural, and that aint of God Almighty. For the same reasons, I aint gonna vote for no rascal that believes that men should have marriages with men, or even ‘civil unions’; that aint right, that aint natural, and that aint of Almighty God.

    I also aint gonna vote for no man that sits under a preacher for twenty years that hates white folks! Heck, that ol boy even hates America! Think he dont? Go to the youtube and listen to some of his ‘preachin’; that ol boy says he admires Louis Farakan and that murdering commie Che Gueveraa! What kind of preachin is that?! Nossir, I don’t think deep down inside that Obama like white folks much. I don’t know how you can be about loving your fella man and such and be sitting under a fella like that for twenty years runnin.

    Hey! And, hoot gibson, listen to this! He’s got ol’ Joe Biden running around talkin about shotguns! That’s right, but he aint talkin bout no mossberg or no remington, he’s talkin about his beretta double! My land, that shotgun costs more than my pickup! An he thinks that will cause us simple folk to buy into what he’s selling? My goodness!
    An that ol boy sittin around the franklin stove talkin about guns that fire once…what the heck, did this ol boy come from the cave or something? He aint got no Ruger ten-twenty two that shoots each time you pull the trigger? Once at a time? Or no browning A-five that he shoots in the duck blind? Or no reminton model four that shoots one at a time? but surprise, neighbors! These is all semi-auto firearms too, just like them so called ‘assault weapons’ that ol Obama wanna ban! That’s right, aint no difference,,they just look different, that’s all. Thought he was gonna pull our leg on that dinnit he. My land! I come to think these here ‘rednecks’ has been sent to in-fil-trate us here in the woods! Lemme tell ya, mah boy what come home from the war…he has one of them AR-15 rifles; looks like the one he carried in the war, cept it is only semi-auto (eeven though ol’ Obama calls it a assault weapon!); he uses that thing on coyotes and such, and just shootin cans sometimes. Now you tell me how you’re gonna tell a boy that fought a war for ya that he can’t own a weapon that looks like the one he done carried in the war, even though it don’t SHOOT like the one he done carried? That makes me madder’en Harry Truman at a Douglas MacArther convention!

    Tell me somethin else, fellas. How do you reckon those boys are gonna make us richer? By taxxin the folks that actually hire the rest of us? Yeah, that makes good sense now don’t it? How do ya figure we’re all gonna pay for our neighbor’s health care and such? Now I aint no olympian, but I don’t cotton to smokin’ and fatness; how’s it that I’m gonna help to pay for my neighbors that sit around and chaw on pork rinds and rendered lard and smoke them ol cancer sticks? Aint no sense to that attall! Nossir, I’m all fer helpin my neighbors an such, but us real backwoods folk is more for bein right responsible for ourselves an ours an such.

    Thats all I got to say about that.

  34. After 8 years of elitist Bush, now Mcmummy who has 7 houses and 13 cars thinks the economy is stable. Its time to vote for somebody who cares about us poor folks. Rednecks for Obama 08

  35. After 8 years of elitist Bush, now Mcmummy who has 7 houses and 13 cars thinks the economy is stable. Its time to vote for somebody who cares about us poor folks. Rednecks for Obama 08.

  36. I’m not a redneck, but I do live in the Ozarks in Rural MO…….Left CA 38 years ago, I guess I’m more of an ‘ol hippie.

    I’m appalled by this election and the severity of the consequences if the Repub’s would get in! Living in an area which is almost 100% “red” is very distrubing for a liberal minded ‘ol gal like myself. It is nice to see some rural folks stating my opinions, thank you!

    I also want to say that at age 61 I have never voted in any election (I know shame on me) but I just had never paid much attention to politics or anything along these lines. However, this year my eyes are open and this is just so important for our country, our military men and especially for our children and grandchildren.

    Because of my general ignorance on the voting…….I wonder if someone could answer a ? for me……..I went in to register the other day and was surprised that they did not ask what party I was……They said when you go to vote you just ask for a democratic ballot or a rep ballot??? If this is so that they don’t know when you register if you are rep or dem how come in all these polls and statements I read they say for ex: “We have 100,000 newly registered voters and 70,000 are democratics and 30,000 are republican’s??????? How do they how many people are dem’s or rep’s if you don’t state it anywhere??????

    Thanks again for this great post and HELLO to all the MO. rurals out there………

    Obama ’08

  37. To CaptKidd, #21, who says >>Look, I am not saying Obama isn’t a good man, I am sure he is. I just don’t think he has the experience to run this country<> please don’t give me the argument that Sarah Palin doesn’t have the experience either because she is not at the top of the ticket and so that is not a valid argument. And the “what if McCain dies in office” doesn’t work for me either. My mama always told me, “Boy, don’t borrow trouble. Don’t worry about $hit until $hit happens.” <> You want a reason to vote for McCain and Palin? How about the fact that most in their party can’t stand them?!? Why is that? They have both consistently stood up to their party when they thought it was the right thing to do. <<

    And they have gone along or done the wrong thing when they thought it would help them get more votes.

    I ain’t no real redneck, but I know enough to know what “Maverick” means. It means ya don’t get along with nobody.

  38. Now what in tarnation is up with your computers there? Most of what I wrote didn’t even show up. This here is what I wrote:

    When CK said “I just don’t think he has the experience to run this country” I said

    Well, just what kinda experience is you talkin’ bout, now? That there McCain ain’t got no executive experience, neither. Obama’s got as much experience as that ol’ Kentucky boy, Abe Lincoln had, and most folks think he did the job pretty good. He could talk mighty pretty, too, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

    Like I was saying, they’re only grousing about Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience, cuz he’s got more domestic experience than you can shake a stick at. And they ain’t right to grouse about that, no how. He’s lived in another country that McCain probly don’t know beans about, he’s got kin all over the world, he got himself a degree in international relations from Columbia University, and when he goes to visit Yurrip, he gets them furners turnin’ out by the hundreds o’ thousands, cuz they wanna listen to what he’s gotta say.

    Then CK said “My mama always told me . . . ” and I said

    Well, my mama lives in Missouri, and she always told me ya gotta be prepared for when $hit happens.

  39. This Delta Boy from Mississippi is voting for Obama. Not that I’m a redneck. I got two houses (but only because Bush screwed up the housing market so bad that one of them won’t sell). I drive a Mercedes. My wife drives a Lexus. The only time our necks get red is from being out too much in the sun. But we are still voting for Obama.

    How can McSame possibly claim to be a “maverick” when the vast majority of his advisers are neck deep in the Bush administration? At one time, McCain was a maverick and an outsider in the Republican party. But he did a 180 and sold out his beliefs for one purpose, to win the election. Shame on you, McCain, you sell out.

  40. Yes let’s ban all semi automatic and pump shotguns. I mean it worked so well for Australia and England among other countries. Australia’s armed robberies are up to around 50% since the ban along with unarmed robberies, and the flood of Black Market Chinese automatic weapons are increasing drastically. So, freaking John Boy is just SOL when someone decides to rob him. Of course the robber will trip and fall on the homemade bearskin rug and will sue the daylights out of John Boy and win. Since Obama opposes the mandatory three strikes sentencing law.

  41. Capt America – John Boy has a pump shotgun – They only shoot one shot at a time! Only city folks need automatics because they don’t know how to shoot. Beside that, the only people who want to rob him are the Hospital and the bank – he doesn’t have any money – it goes to China.

  42. My internist has a bumper sticker that goes “Hockey moms for Obama.”

  43. “Beside that, the only people who want to rob him are the Hospital and the bank – he doesn’t have any money – it goes to China.”

    Ok, Ok, I can’t argue with you on that. Even though I know the underlying message is about McCain’s health care plan and his support of Free Trade.

  44. KC Woman said, “cuz he’s got more domestic experience than you can shake a stick at.”

    Please tell me you are talking about McCain here and not The Annointed One. I just don’t see how 7 years in state senate and 143 days in nat’l senate constitutes “more domestic experience than you can shake a stick at”. And as far as executive experience goes, Palin has more than all 3 combined!

    If that was a reference to McCain, please disregard.

    And to Missouri Mule: Amen, brother! Preach on!

  45. Annointed One? I don’t know who yer talkin bout, but I’ll reckon yer just jealous because don’t nobody look up to your candidate. Naw, the “he’s got no experience” hogwash is what Clinton cooked up. Yer ol boy been runnin the “can’t nobody is Warshington stand me, and never could” line til he lited on Clinton’s story.

    By the way, you could stand to study up on ‘rithmetic. There’s loads more than 143 days in a year, and loads more than that in four years. Or if you wanna count days he showed up, your ol’ boy don’t look so good, either, so I wouldn’t go there if I was you.

    As for Palin, who you done tol us yourself ain’t never gonna be Prez, she just shows how little that matters.

  46. I’m no redneck, born and bred down Chicago way so’s dat dare makes me immune. I’m sure as shootin’ votin for that colored feller. Go figure, I come from a long line of anti-rednecks whos prolly votin for the “Unstable and Unable” . Who’d a thought, I got more in common wit da Okie from Muskokie den my own fambly. Now dats somptin. Rednecks for Obama, y’all make me proud.

  47. “Rednecks for Obama” know that Mr. Obama is working hard for the working man. A redneck is any person who works hard for their paycheck and loves the USA. Get your tee shirt and bumper sticker today and be a voice for change.

  48. You guys ROCK!!!! I love it, Rednecks for Obama – WELCOME ABOARD, WE NEED YOU IN OUR CAMP!!!!

    obama/biden 08

  49. I’m a redneck from TENN. and my family and I will be voting for Obama as well.
    Let’s be honest, McCain voted for deregulation back in 1999 and for the following 7 years, nothing happened.
    But really, if the past 8 years haven’t worked for us, let’s try something new. I’m not a huge Obama fan at all but I also sure think he will be less evil then that Bush. Sorry to say but I have to think about my family and country also. He cant be all that bad. But at least he wont be the SAME as George.

  50. Not a redneck, live in Mississippi and know many rednecks and I can tell you they are not voting for Obama. Fact is he’s the most liberal senator, anti-second amendment, don’t give a damn about the troops radical who has spent the last 20+years of his life attending a radical black church, forging relationships with anti-gov. and anti-U.S radicals who do nothing more than hate America. Did I mention he was the number 2 beneficiary from the freddie may disaster! This man will do more harm to the economy than any other possible candidate. TAX, TAX, TAX, that’s his answer, talk about kill an economy!! Fact is Mccain will get 80+% of the military vote and he’ll get WallStreets vote. It’s the dumb ass Americans who believe that an Obama Presidency will help prosper the economy, simply not true. Clinton and the Democratic congress are overwhelmingly to blame for the tank of the economy. Oh, did I mention that Obama will get 98% of the black vote? Will McCain get 98% of the white vote, nahh, that would be racist then!! ATTENTION: WHITE people are stupid, stupid enough to put this radical in office. Obamas church was accurate–DAMN AMERICA!!

  51. thank y’all!

    I was raised in Ohio and my hubby in the hills of Virginny. We currently reside in California and are voting for Obama.
    Our great and awesome country was hijacked in 2000 by some very unscrupulous, greedy rich men who only had their own interests and those of their rich friends (read: big OIL and Wallstreet Barons) at heart.

    Let’s take this country back for the hard-working middle class!

    Obama/Bidan 08!!

  52. I am as far left as you can get. There are many things I do not like about Obama but I will vote for him. The posts here are too funny. I guess in a way none of us are dumb since we all know what is best for the country even if on a personal note he is not 100% to our liking. I still wish he wasn’t so to the center.

  53. To TrueGritGal, not all states require individuals to register by party. In Texas we don’t. We can vote in either party primary we like. Our voter records, however, do record which party ballot we select. When political parties want to contact their supposed supporters, they just assume that if you vote in the Republican primary that you are a Republican and/or a Republican leaning independent and they buy that list of names.

    When you read newspaper stories about “registered Democrats” or “registered Republicans,” therefore, the figures that are reported are only from the states where party registration is required.


    At times, Palin has been more economic populist than small-government conservative, partly because of Alaska’s unique government financing system.

    With no statewide income or sales tax, Alaska funds about 90 percent of the state budget from royalties and taxes on oil producers. Soaring oil prices and a higher windfall oil profits tax – an increase pushed through by Palin, now the Republican vice presidential nominee – have state coffers overflowing with petrodollars. The Alaska oil industry calculates that its annual payments to the state doubled in a single year to $10.2 billion.

    Until a few years ago, the state government struggled financially for years because of low oil prices. But that’s all changed. In the first two budget years under Palin, the state government has stashed almost $6 billion of surplus revenues in various reserve and savings accounts in anticipation of future drops in the price of oil. And the state has allocated another $4 billion over two years for a laundry list of new capital projects, mostly small grants initiated in budget requests by legislators for their districts.

    And Alaska residents are getting their cut. Starting this week, every Alaskan who has lived in the state more than a year will receive $1,200 from the state, a total of about $756 million in rebates to offset high energy costs in the 49th state. That’s on top of the perennial check each will receive from the state’s oil revenue-endowed Permanent Fund, this year a record $2,069 per resident. The large Palin family is eligible to receive more than $19,000 from the combined payments.

  55. So Jack from Mississippi,

    What do you think about Sarah and Todd Palin’s association with the Alaska Independence Party (AIP)? The AIP has expressed ‘hatred’ for the US and wants to seceed the union. Sarah Palin even supports Socialist programs in her state but tries to label Obama as a ‘socialist’. Palin also says she knows of ‘secret e-mail’ Obama has used to communicate with Ayers. Sarah Palin herself has tried to use e-mail to hide her unethical behavior as Governor. Why so much hypocricy? Why is Palin throwing rocks when she lives in a glass house?



    With oil prices soaring past $100 a barrel, Alaska’s treasury had plenty of money beyond what was needed to support government services. She persuaded the Legislature to pay each and every Alaskan an extra $1,200 from the windfall state revenues. At first, she wanted to issue the $1,200 as debit cards strictly for paying energy bills. But the mechanics of that approach were too complicated and so she switched to a straight cash payment as a “rebate” from Alaska’s oil wealth.

    That $1,200 comes on top of the $2,069 each Alaskan gets this year as a dividend from the state’s $35 billion oil savings account. Total payout for each Alaskan: $3,269.

    During Gov. Palin’s tenure, high oil prices have made her job relatively easier. Her deeply unpopular predecessor, fellow Republican Frank Murkowski, had to deal with much more austere times, which added to his unpopularity. When he became governor, oil was selling for less than $30 a barrel, not $100.

    While Alaska is swimming in oil money, a fiscal conservative does not need to slash government services. There’s so much oil money, a governor can limit government by trimming the worst spending excesses and handing some oil money back to the people.

    It’s good for a chief executive’s popularity, but it’s not great training for running a government that has to tax voters for essential services.

  57. Hi…I’m a green neck with white and orange stripes …Yea…greetings from IRELAND…

    This is the funniest comment thread, (apart from the usual, moans few), that I have seen…tears to my eyes with the laughing.

    Anyhoots… have done plenty of research and observation here and Ireland is behind Obama/Biden, for sure.
    Good luck to all of you who hoping for their win.

    Check this link out…most of the world can’t be wrong…

    And God help America if the other two win

    Slán, (Good bye in Irish) and good luck :>)

  58. All I know is that I am working at a large biotherapeutic corporation in Clayton NC and I support Barack Obama with all my energy. I encourage all my friends and colleagues to re-elect Obama in 2012!! I LOVE YOU OBAMA

  59. Funny stuff, I just wonder how the responders of 2008 think after eight years of reality.