The Prophecy of Barack Obama
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The Prophecy of Barack Obama

Two years ago Barack Obama decided to run for President of the United States.  There were others.  Seasoned politicians.  Politicians who have been representing people in an official capacity for years.  Each of the candidates spoke to the people.  Each presented their case.  Obama said, “This is about change.”

We the people cheered.

Think of these names – Clinton, Guilianni, McCain, Biden, Thompson, Dodd, Romney – people of great stature – earned stature.  These are the heavyweights of politics.  Each of these folks thought they were the second coming.  They analyzed the electorate and carefully crafted messages designed to garner support. Most of the messages were around experience.  “Whoo whee, look at me.” These folks have some pretty big egos.  They spell pride with a capital ‘I”.  They are smart, articulate, and their experience speaks to their understanding of how government works.  But it was Barack Obama alone who identified the message the people wanted to hear.

Obama spoke to change.  But what did he mean?  We the people listened, pondering our choices.  Obama said, “The audacity of hope.”  Obama said we need to change our attitude, we need an attitude of gratitude.  Obama said “Change,” change from playing with the Dark Arts.

The Dark Arts are all about fear, about anxiety, about intimidation, coercion, about Power and Control. The Dark Arts of foreign policy are about intimidation, about coercion.  The age of the American Military was spawned by belief in the Dark Arts.  “You are either with us or against us.”  We have the power to crush other nations and we will use it.  America swung the heavy sword of anger and bitterness.

Obama said, “Put down that sword.”

The Dark Arts of domestic policy are about fear, anxiety, hate, and greed.  Placing blame – dividing the people.  My way or the highway.  Steal from the poor, give to the rich.  Divide the people along the lines of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, and even language.  Politicians drove the wedge of fear between the people.

Obama said, “Put down that wedge.”

The Christian Right trumpeted the Dark Arts of theology. Theological Dark Arts encompass superstition and complete submission to anecdotal reason – shrouded in the false Turin of Jesus.  Fear tactics.  Obama is the Anti-Christ.  Obama is a Muslim.  Obama is a terrorist.  Look at him, you can see it in his smile – the anti-Christ will charm the people.  He is different than us.  Obama was sent by Satan himself.

Obama said, “Put down that fear.”

Barack Obama said we must return to the Christianity of kindness, forgiveness, concern for others, and love of our fellow man.  We must act out of faith rather than out of fear. John McCain has completely succumbed to the Dark Arts.  His rhetoric is all about fear and hate.

Sarah Palin is the puppet of greed and lust for power. Obama said, “Put down those Dark Arts.”

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  1. Obama is the definition of the new AMerican Heor, John McCain, the old. We finally have an opportunity to usher in a new age of prosperit, at the exact moment the current is failing. The GOP attack dogs will stop at nothing to stop change and keep the staus quo and this scares the living crap out of everyday people in our country like me. In fact we discussed this earlier on Patriots For Obama.
    I implore everyone out there, get informed. Vote.

  2. Obama supporters like to tell the GOP to get informed, suggesting they have no clue about the issues and their candidates. So Howard Stern, a Libertarian, sent his gopher out to Harlem to interview black folks about their choice substituting Obama’s views for McCain, even his VP and folks had no idea. Listen here

  3. If we had to guess we would think there are about 35% of the populace who will vote Democrat, and about 35% of the populace who will vote Republican – no matter what the issues, no matter how informed, no mater how dire the situation. But that big 30% in the middle swings the country.

    I am actively engaged in learning about the candidates and their positions – and I cannot keep up. Obama said McCain will cut funding to Medicare. said that was not true. Today, the Progress Report issued a statement fact-checking The Progress Report said factcheck was wrong – that McCain is going to cut funding for Medicare.

    What is the world are we to do – most of us, left or right, would like to make informed choices. What is the process that will allow informed, unbiased education of the masses. I don’t know what it is.

    So we are left with this: We have to seek out the best information we can get. I don’t think most people vote on single issues – like Medicare (some do for sure) – most of us form an opinion about the character and intelligence of the candidates – then we lay that candidates general life view against our own and vote for the closest match.

  4. I agree with your statement, and I am not so naive to believe that all supporters of McCain are 100% informed either.

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  6. several days before the election began in the USA, I had a dream.
    My dream was, there were two huge like oceans wave following behind Sen, Barack Obama.
    I spoke this dream to my wife and still confused about the meaning.

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