The Need for Healthy Children to Fight Our Wars
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The Need for Healthy Children to Fight Our Wars

The marvel of conservative inconsistency continues hacking away at the forest of civilization. The forest has become so important that they have forgotten that it is comprised of individual trees. IN this case the individual trees are our children – our future soldiers.

Stop abortion, but don’t offer the newborn health care. Protect the lives of the unborn in the name of HeyZeus (Spanish), but do not feed them or nurture them or educate them. Have they lost their marbles – if we don’t take care of our children then who will we send to fight our wars?

We must preserve the health of our children – it is a moral imperative – after all, who do they think is going to go to foreign countries to die for us if not our children. Our military is stretched to the breaking point – we need more children, healthy children. If we are to raise healthy strong soldiers then we must put some energy into the effort.

The Spartans of Ancient Greece understood this. The male children were taken from their parents in their early teens to be trained for eventual warfare. They never had problems with recruitment. Perhaps a reasonable compromise in health care legislation would consider the athletic abilities of young boys.

Quarterbacks in Bantam League Football should be well fed and educated – they are candidates for Officer Training at West Point and Annapolis. The running backs are in training for the Army Rangers. The offensive line can spearhead a revival of tank battalions. Coaches are ideal for the CIA and counter-intelligence – they have perfected the art of spying and cheating. These folks need good health care.

Children who participate in the arts, who play a piano or violin, who paint or write, who sing and dance – no military value – no health care. They are just sickly liberals anyway. They will just grow up and move to Hollywood.  They will make a lot of money and can buy their own health care.

The conservatives who would deny health care to our children are destroying the future hope of our military machine. The conservative movement, in their short sighted wisdom, have produced a generation who are afraid: afraid to fight, afraid to join the ranks of the warrior class, afraid of the very personal engagement of war – people like George Bush and Dick Cheney.

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