False Attack Latest In McCain Camp Disgust
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False Attack Latest In McCain Camp Disgust

This story is just disgusting.  Even more so because it was promoted and encouraged by the McCain Camp.  This disturbance is a direct result of McCain’s use of the Dark Arts of Rovian Politics.

McCain and Palin and their Republican cronies have stooped to hate speech, lies, threats, and now fake stories to try to discredit Obama.  This is enough.

No one of McCain’s stature should ever be President of the United States.  Yeah, we know, people will say that John McCain had nothing to do with this himself – but that misses the point.  McCain has encouraged the most nasty campaign in recent history.

We have written before that this type of campaigning can only lead to evil consequences – and in that regard McCain is guilty.  McCain is guilty of creating a climate of desperation and approval of any dirty tactic.  His flying monkeys are not to blame for his leadership.

And leadership is what this election is all about.

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  1. McCain and Palin actually called the girl before the facts were out. Its chilling to think if God forbid, this was true, the two would have been fanning the flames of catastrophe from a tragedy. Its horrifying to think they would be in a position to be president of ALL of America.

  2. You are off your rocker. McCain encouraged this? Your hate for this man is no different than the things you write about McCain supporters being racist, stupid, hateful flying monkeys. We might as well say that all Marines love to kill people since that is indoctrinated to us in boot camp. Every command given in boot camp is acknowledged with the work kill. The rifleman’s creed is about the uselessness of a Marine without his rifle. Every Marine is a basic rifleman before anything. So using the same mindset all Marines are born killers.

  3. We don’t hate the man. But we are scared to death that he might get elected. He talks about being tested – this election has tested him under fire and he has made one huge blunder after another, beginning with Sarah Palin. Do you really want these people in our White House?

  4. I do not want what we have seen lately in the white house, but in the post “Doled and Gored” it was written that those men, after the election was over, returned to what we liked about them. Who is to say the same wouldn’t happen to McCain? It’s all speculation, but that post could be prophetic to McCain if he were elected. Some Americans are just so sick of the current Republican administration that they are going to vote Democrat for merely a change in the party not the issues. We saw the same thing happen in the 2000 elections. It wasn’t that Al Gore was a bad candidate, it was the scandal revolving around the Clinton adminstration and the lies to the American people. Clinton did some good things but those sorts of things are never remembered.

  5. Brokaw should have asked McCain on Meet the Press today: “Your smug confidence in the face of nearly hopeless poll numbers begs the question: will you be contesting the election results on the grounds of voter fraud due to faulty ACORN registrations, and thus counting on another Supreme Court appointment to the presidency like your predecessor got?”

  6. I felt I should add, that Bill O’Reilly actually called this a hoax before others did, MSNBC made an issue out this which snowballed, let by non other than liberals beloved Keith Olbermann.

  7. The only person with less important stuff to say than Keith Olbermann is Bill O’Reilly. At least Olbermann is entertaining.

  8. Olberman and O’Reilly are both better understood after a cold twelve pack.

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