Lincoln’s Rhetorical Flourishes, Shame on McCain/Palin
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Lincoln’s Rhetorical Flourishes, Shame on McCain/Palin

The idea of responding to Sarh Palin is contemptible.   Responding to McCain is bad enough.  But McCain has put the country in this position – and respond we must.  The latest attack by Palin is to suggest in a demeaning manner that Barack Obama “… knows something about rhetorical flourishes.”

Be whatever you want, Sarah Palin – but  please do not drag the great heritage of this great country along in the mud with you.  Somehow the pseudo-Republicans have managed to make the purchase of $150,000 in clothes admirable while insulting anyone who is educated and speaks well.

Think of the great leaders of this country – every one a master of rhetoric – something that is chided and degraded by McCain and Palin.   When we think of Ronald Reagan we think of his mastery of rhetoric.  How about John Kennedy or Franklin Roosevelt?  What of Teddy Roosevelt, or Abraham Lincoln.  Ar name any of the founding fathers – all masters of their language – people with the ability to articulate thoughts in a manner that made sense to others.

Are these the people we want to make decisions about the education of our children.  Do we really want leaders who make fun of people who are well spoken, who promote prejudice, who manipulate the uneducated?  Do we need McCain and Palin to help promote ignorance?

Perhaps we are gaining some insight into why America ranks 19th among industrialized countried in education.  Do we have leaders chide anyone who seeks knowledge, who chooses to learn, to better themselves.  Palin belives dinosaurs and humans cohabitated the earth. Palin believes the earth is 6000 years old.  Palin denies science, denies literature, denies reading, denies learning – and chides anyone who would choose to make themselves more knowledgeable.

There is a simple reason for this.  McCain and Palin are unable to lead any but the most foolish and intellectually challenged.  They prefer ignorance in the masses – they are easier to manipulate.

McCain and Palin have crossed the line of disgusting people who would be King.  They have no right to have anything to say about the future of my children or grandchildren.

McCain and Palin are pseudo-Republicans.  No real Republican would stoop to the level of disrespect McCain and Palin hold for the heritage of this great nation.  These two have shamed America on the world stage.

The very idea of America is one of hope for a better life.  A life made better by hard work, education, science, technological innovation, industry and a base understanding of the humanities.

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