The Root of Obama’s Calm is Humility
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The Root of Obama’s Calm is Humility

Why is Barack Obama so calm.  People have been throwing rocks at him for two years that we know about – and he smiles and nods his head, he remains calm.   The world of finance collapses and Obama remains calm.  John McCain calls him a Muslim terrorist and he remains calm.  What is going on with this man?

Barack Obama’s calm resides within his person – his reality.  Barack Obama has a deep intelligence which most of us cannot grasp.  His intellectual record goes back to when he was ten years old and admitted into an elite private school based on his academic ability.  Through out his life he has proven to himself that problems are only challenges to be met.  And he has met them.

His academic history is sterling.  Even being admitted to Harvard would be considered an achievement to most of us – and being admitted without the support of an elite family, with only his intelligence to speak for him – makes Obama more rare.  While at Harvard Obama became the first African American President of the Harvard Law Review.  We are talking about the best of the best — not just academic best – but leadership best.

When Obama worked in Chicago he was a quick study in tough, hard ball politics.  This is the city of Al Capone and Richard Daly.  Of tough reporters like Mike Royko.  Chicago’s reputation as hard knuckled did not scare Obama – this man is as tough and surefooted as a mountain goat on a steep rocky cliff.  Obama has been criticized for his willingness to get in the ring and go toe to toe with the hardball politicians.  We see that character trait as a positive in the role of President of the United States.  The fact that he won the toe to toe battles grants him the privilege of a heavy weight championship bout.  Barack Obama is a fighter with nerves of steel.  Even Chicago seems calm when associated with Obama.

Obama is a quick study academically – but he seems more sure footed in the reality of the political ring.  This can only speak to a man of supreme self confidence, supreme self esteem.  What does this mean – a supreme self-esteem?  It is not about pride – rather it is about humility.  Obama sees himself as being equal to others in a spiritual sense.  All of us are children of God, none to be praised, and none to be dismissed.  Some have more talent, some have less – but all are equal.

Somewhere along the line Barack Obama was given a harmonious sense of well being.  A sense of self that cannot be chipped or bent or broken.  Add to a perfectly humble pitch a spectacular intellect and you have the man – Barack Obama.

Obama’s calmness unnerves his opponents.  McCain slammed him in the last debate and Obama smiled and answered with a reassuring voice – causing McCain to gape with a wide-eyed expression of being disoriented.  It was Muhammad Ali standing over the fallen Sonny Liston.

What sort of man does the United States need as President?  Intellectual curiosity, academic achievement, humble and self assured, forceful and resolute, willing to step in the ring with anyone, determined that justice and righteousness must prevail.

Barack Obama is calm because he does not fear losing.  On November 4, 2004, the world will hold its collective breath as they watch this election unfold.

An Open Letter to Barack Obama

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  1. you know, I think you nailed it.

    This is a well thought article. I know people that don’t see Senator Obama the way you do, the way I do, will walk all over this, saying ‘we drank the kool-aid’ and nothing could be further from the truth.

    I see a man tested, and tested again. I have faith in this man, so much more than Senator McCain. I have faith that America will turn the page on dirty, low-down political shenanigans and move well into the 21st century. With Senator McCain, America will take years to forgive and forget the insults that have been hurled, slammed, and bandied about. I know with the high moral road that Obama has taken, we can go on about the business about healing and uniting our country.

    I have pride in America, that as voters, we will see beyond color, and see beyond rhetoric, and see the competency of Senator Obama as the leader that he is.

    God Bless America.

  2. I agree with the essence of this post: humility as the base.

    But what is the base of this humility?

    You mentioned: “All of us are children of God,…”

    God …?

    I prefer to recall what Obama said one day, and maybe seral times to his supporter in Chicago when he was staring to win the primaries: “eliminate your ego, I tell you, it is very important”.
    I did not think he meant “ego” in a weak sense -as “me”- but a much profound sense of “the wrong beliefe we have a separate identity”.
    To talk Christian language, It’s the level of Jesus not returning the slap in the face. That slap could not hurt him, because he does not exist by himself: in Christina terms, he is with his Father. In Oriental philosophy, and also Christian mysticism (the real one, like that of Master Ekhart, or St Jone of the Cross), he has no ego (separate entity), nada, nada, nada.

  3. Well spoken.

  4. MMMmmmMMM Koolaid, I think he’ll win but mark my words. Obama is going to make Jimmy Carter look good by comparison. Backed by a majority Democrat congress and senate he’ll make a maess.

  5. Excellent! You are exactly correct. Barack Obama is one of the finest men I’ve ever known to be in politics. He’s run the most remarkable campaign, ever, and without resorting to the abominable tactics McCain has exhibited.

  6. On today’s Meet the Press, Brokaw should have asked: “Your smug confidence in the face of nearly hopeless poll numbers begs the question: will you be contesting the election results on the grounds of voter fraud due to faulty ACORN registrations, and thus counting on another conservative Supreme Court appointment to the presidency like your predecessor got?”

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