Is McCain a Natural Blonde
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Is McCain a Natural Blonde

John McCain has had so many gaffes this year that some of the boys down at the Bait Shop are wondering if he is a natural Blond.  We did not think much of this talk until Elizabeth Horseback went on the Campaign stump for McCain and Palin.  That about sealed the deal.  She wrote the book on blond jokes.  (We apologize to real blonds).

What is the McCain evidence:

  • Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.  He screwed up the words to that Beatles song.
  • Frankenstein is older than dirt.  Well, not really.  He was invented by a man.
  • “I am a proud conservative liberal Republican.  No chance, there are no liberal Republicans, geez.
  • Iran is training Al Quaeda and sending them to Iraq.  No way, if anything, Al Quaeda would Train the Iranians.
  • I want to veto beer.  How dumb is that, his wife owns a beer distributorship.

We don’t know if he is a natural blond or not – maybe he is just old:

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