McCain’s Spiritual Guide – Inciting Hatred
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McCain’s Spiritual Guide – Inciting Hatred

John McCain’s Republican Party is attacking Barack Obama this week with advertisements highlighting the loony Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  McCain has said that he would not go there – and now claims he can’t control independent groups.

We are talking about the Republican National Committee.  John McCain is the standard bearer of his party.  John McCain owns the Republican Party – he cannot deny his association.  He ran around the country for eighteen months begging them to let him lead them – they agreed – he is their leader.

We wrote this week that McCain had found his voice, his message.  We wrote that he was hammering good points of the economy.  But McCain, under the guise of the RNC, cannot help his racist, terrorist, hate inspired rhetoric.

Two crazy wackos were arrested this week for plotting to assassinate Obama.  They are loonies who did not have a plan that would work – but they represent the violence that comes from fiery rhetoric.

This is really a tragic end to a proud career.

Check out McCain’s Spiritual adviser:

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  1. That’s “inciting.”

  2. Thanks

  3. And this election will end up being close. Tells you everything you need to know about this incredibly stupid country.