Tell Me I Am Not Conservative
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Tell Me I Am Not Conservative

Yikes – someone called me a conservative, how disgusting.  I said something about living within our means and the guy in the checkout line at Wal Mart called me a conservative – as if there was something wrong with me.  He was buying some tabloid magazines – I don’t know if that means he is conservative or liberal – but it must mean something.

Who took it upon themselves to tell me who I am, conservative or liberal?  When I take a position on an issue I am called names – either conservative or liberal – and in the most derogatory tones imaginable.  So here is the experiment for everyone.  Describe yourself without using the labels of conservative or liberal – think of current events, current political or social issues – think them through, and see where you stack up.  I am going to describe myself, my values – you tell me if I am conservative or liberal.

  • I believe in education.
  • I believe in the value of family – families that are supportive, helping each other, loving each other.
  • I believe in little or no debt, in living within our means.
  • I believe in technical innovation, which usually leads to better lives for all people.
  • I believe people are happier when they take responsibility for their own life.
  • I believe in a spiritual life.
  • I believe in the United States of America, in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  • I believe in capitalism as the most viable economic system.

Do you have enough information yet?  OK – so I listed some values.  Now let’s try this, let’s list some current events along with my position.  For brevity we will limit our self to a sentence or two.

  • Stem Cell Research – I believe this is a very promising field of medicine.
  • Taxes – I believe in progressive taxes in which people who have more pay more.
  • Government – I believe government is necessary for civilized man, that government should be defined by law.
  • Health Care – I believe we should try to help others.  All children should have the best health care available to anyone, anywhere.
  • Immigration – This is the very spirit of America – bringing together cultures and ideas that have led to the American Renaissance.
  • Guns – I had to get a gun cabinet to hold my shotguns and rifles.  The cabinet helps keep the children in my house safe from the dangers of guns.
  • Evolution – This is scientific fact – some of the exact dates and processes are not yet understood – but evolution is sound science.
  • The Christian Bible – The Bible is the most significant book of spirituality ever written.
  • Global Warming – There is solid scientific evidence that the Earth is warming faster because of the impact of human endeavor.
  • Terrorism – We should track Osama Bin Laden down and capture him – try him – and then kill him – or just kill him when he is found.
  • Crime – Do it to someone else.

OK – do you have enough information?

Am I an evil person?  Misguided?  Uninformed?

Am I a saint?  Inspired?  A creative genius?

I don’t feel like any of those things.

Here is my frustration.  If I claim to be a conservative do I have to be against Global Warming? If I claim to be a conservative do I have to believe everything Reverend Hagee says, or every thing President Bush says – do I have to favor war?  If I claim to be liberal do I have to support Reverend Wright?  Do conservatives hate Catholics – or do we hate Protestants – I am confused.  Do we hate all minorities – or just some of them. Do I have to agree with Rush Limbaugh?

If I claim to be liberal do I have to be for spending more that we make? If I claim to be liberal do I have to advocate abortion for the sake of harvesting stem cells?  Do I have to read the Huffington Post?  Do I have to watch Jim Lehrer and the News Hour?  Do I have to listen to NPR?  And God Forbid – do I have to watch MSNBC?  If I claim to be a liberal do I have to give all of my money to poor people?

These are all foolish ideas – and they point out the foolishness of using labels like conservative or liberal.

Can I have my own views without being a good guy or a bad guy – just a guy with his own views?  Can I be passionate about stopping Global Warming and passionate about reducing debt at the same time?

If I vote for Obama does that make me a liberal?

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  1. No, vote upon your conscience and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

  2. “#
    # The Christian Bible – The Bible is the most significant book of spirituality ever written.” :

    LOL. You probably should add ‘that I know of’