You’re for Obama or You’re Racist
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You’re for Obama or You’re Racist

With the possibility of having our first black President, Democrats are doing everything they can to help Obama win. They have brought voters out in record numbers, have rallied all across America and have done so with the use of fear. It seems that the easiest way to snag voters is to paint the opposition with racism. There is possibly nothing scarier than being labeled a racist in the public eye.  Al Sharpton finally has someone to point to, specifically white conservatives.

Folks are so terrified to be labeled they are practically scared into voting the Democratic ticket. Race really wasn’t an issue until Obama became the Democratic nominee. Now it’s all over the place.

We know racism will never be dead, since there are misguided loons out there misguiding others. But that card has been overplayed. McCain supporters like me have not made this an issue, Obama supporters have. And these types of tactics are what fuel lunatic organizations like the ACLU.

They make it so parents cannot spank their kids or even yell at them for fear of being arrested for child abuse. Then when that kid shoots up a school the ACLU sues the gun manufacturer. And then here comes the likes of Rev. Sharpton, Wright and Jackson who sue the local police for shooting the kid who happened to be a minority. Where does it stop?

Since John McCain opposes Obama he has been called a racist, does that mean when congress votes against the grain of Obama (should he become President) they are all racist? Liberals say John McCain is using fear to perpetuate his campaign, using Ayers, Farrakhan and Rev. Wright to name a few. But what they don’t understand is they are using fear in the name of race.

There have been a few McCain supporters that have spewed insulting remarks toward Obama. Reasonable McCain supporters have questioned one man, Obama. Obama supporters have attacked an entire party. So who is really using hatred? We are not all flying monkeys. Check out this video of Hank Williams Jr, who just happens to be my favorite musician/singer/songwriter.

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  2. These are absolutely astounding leaps of logic. Connecting Obama to Child Abuse? Connecting Obama to school shootings? This logic is way off the map.

  3. These thoughts are what makes Obama supporters hate McCain so much. People distort what they hear, read or see. Obama has not been linked to child abuse, or school shootings. These types of comments are what people will run with and next thing you know, folks are saying Obama is a child abuser who took a gun to school while he was high on pot. You have just made my case of perpetuated fear and hate.

  4. Some simple points:

    First, why would any Republican or Conservative true to their ideology vote for a Democrat – be he black or other color or religion? They would not because a Democrat does not represent what they believe. So they would not vote out of racism but out of conscience and their ideology.

    Most likely it would be WHITE DEMOCRATS who would not vote for their own candidate because they are racist.

    And if blacks vote for a black candidate not because he’s the best qualified candidate but because that candidate happens to be black, and hispanic voters vote for a hispanic because the candidate is hispanic regardless of qualifications (same for white voters/white candidates, etc), w ouldn’t that be considered….racist?

    Wouldn’t they vote based on race?

    Being a person of color, I KNOW that happens. Sadly, I’ve even been guilty of it myself. But I’m much more mature now.

    If only more people would make the time to see beyond the skin color or religious label and learn if their preferred candidate has proven ability to handle the office in question… and not just vote for someone who happens to be the right color.

    It does no good, and in fact can cause great harm if we cast our vote for and elect ANYONE incompetent and incapable of handling the tasks expected of them, regardless of how much we like the way they look or sound.

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