Obama Nation or Abomination
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Obama Nation or Abomination

Well, what is it – ObamaNation or Abomination.  These seem to be the prevailing viewpoints of Americans, the prevailing choices for America.  We will either have an abomination – (nasty and disgusting, great hatred and disgust). Or an Obama Nation – (hope and optimism, charming and intelligent).  Which is it?

If we look at the campaign styles of the two choices we can clearly see nasty and disgusting challenging hope and optimism.  Barack Obama made his national debut four years ago at the Democratic National Convention.  His speech raised the roof of unity, championing America for inclusive cultural diversity.  Obama defined America.  The America that stirs the pride of everyone.  When Obama shouted The United States of America the crowd went wild – because they knew he was talking about ‘one nation, under God.

Barack Obama launched his campaign for President 21 months ago with that same banner of unity.  The result, his nomination by a major party, clearly vindicates his idea that Americans can come together in common effort.  This nation is united as never before – united behind hope and optimism.

Check the campaign style of Obama:

John McCain launched his campaign under the theme of War. “Surge” he bellowed. “We must have victory with honor.” But how does McCain define honor – that is the question? The campaign style of McCain has helped America to focus on his definition – his campaign has deep roots in old prejudices, and is spiced with new found fears and hate.

Everything about McCain’s campaign has been defined by a warrior mentality.   Everything!   It has become clear that McCain takes his cues from the Cowboy George Bush and the desperado Karl Rove. McCain speaks to religious warfare, class warfare, racial warfare, gender warfare, and ethnic warfare. McCain’s voice has become one of divisiveness, nasty, disgusting, and loathing:

America is a country unique in the history of man. Founded by wayward Europeans seeking hope and optimism, two communities took life. Plymouth was founded under the banner of Faith, and Jamestown was founded under the banner of capitalism. The marriage of these ideas spawned the adoption of people from around the world. When the country formalized its independence with a constitution, the rights of man, all men, were set in stone.

The United States of America was founded on the idea that all men are created equal.   The implication of America was not just about equality of men, but of religion, culture, ethnicity, gender, and race.  Amendments and Supreme Court decisions have followed the original intent to express in clear terms the equality of opportunity for all.

John McCain has used his campaign to point to the differences, not the sameness, of our people.  McCain seeks to divide along lines wholly contrary to the idea of America.  Being a warrior is a noble venture – but the application of a warrior mentality in a civilized world of unity is an Abomination.

The question is put to the American Voter: Do we want an Obama Nation or an Abomination?

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  1. Why don’t the Americans VOTE for the Democratic Party this time, knowing that Bush policy kept country sink with debts,loss of jobs, McCain has the same policy in his mind. Why don’t you ever make a try and vote for OBAMA.

  2. If the rightous winds and ACORN behind Obama, and he wins the election, there will be nomore; I Joe the plumer. It will be; We the people.We will be a great big comunity organization. May be not exactly as the Jim Jones comunity, but on the same principle. America will be Obama’s Comunity Organization of America.